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  1. Ah okay, well I appreciate it anyways my friend Hope all goes smoothly for ya On another note, anyone that still needs to get these done hit me up on PC
  2. Still have the 3 spots openish... Different people not scheduled times So if you still want to do this we will start tomorrow, I will be on most of the day so if you can get on during late morning to dusk we can accomplish this. GFWL** Saturday, 6/18 between 11 am - 9 pm. (PST/West Coast US) (The time above is a placeholder for availability to assist.) Add me before hand, send me a message and we can adjust for your time needs aswell. GT: xISteamrollerIx Happy Fathers Weekend!
  3. Looking to do two MP achievements, "Supreme Survivalists" and "Fallen Idols". GWFL GT: xISteamrollerIx
  4. Hey, Defcon! That would be really appreciated, I also have one more that will come to our assistance. That would be no problem at all, I'll gladly wait By the Way I am on GFWL, add my GT if you have a PC copy GT: xISteamrollerIx
  5. If they kept up on the coding and consistantcy for it. Other than that its a sloppy middle man for games.
  6. Looking to do Supreme Survivalist and Fallen Idols, I have 1 other with me aswell to help form party *GFWL* GT: xISteamrollerIx (^Reference: "i" as in India)
  7. Need 3 more and we have our 5 total players to take this on Message my GT if interested, would like to begin asap GT: xISteamrollerIx (Those are capital "i")
  8. Resident Evil Raccoon City! I still love it....
  9. This is really useful, thanks! I do have an OCD that wants it even hah
  10. This is Microsoft issue under the product you are using. You should contact them
  11. Diesels should be kept for commercial drivers vehicles, such a bad way to use petroleum in this day and age.
  12. Xb1 is the way to go! Post up some available games you own and play
  13. Looking for help trade for 20 revives and Wolves for Lambs. GT: xISteamrollerIx
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