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  1. Need a party for this for nemesis, wins in fumigation and just general kills/deflects. Send me a message, Mike Langlois
  2. I feel quite sorry for you that these are your feelings on the game. Personally, I love the game. The backpack is fine for me (I rarely have more than my equipped items anyway) and I have loved the add-ons so far. They certainly haven't been no Zombie Island but they ain't no horse armor neither. And really, a level cap? If they give us any more skill points they might as well just unlock all the skills for us so there is no variety. That is pretty much what happened in Borderlands 1, with 64 skill points you could pretty much max out two trees with some left over. Where is the variety in character builds then? Everyone had 6 strike bloodwings and healing revive turrets. Gearbox have made one of the best recent IP's in a long long time, and I personally can not wait for all and every future sequel.
  3. No fix as of yet. Fingers crossed for next week.
  4. Title pretty much says it all. Does difficulty affect any achievements?
  5. Not sure if this group is still going, but i'd love to get in on this if it is.
  6. This achievement "War Hero" is very missable if you dont pay attention to the peace treaty talk.
  7. The guide also doesn't seem to mention you CAN miss War Hero. If you give away the fort to the enemy team in the peace negotiations, you cant "liberate" it, the questline will move on and you will not get the achievement. Unless a fix has been discovered in these 19 pages that I have not read?
  8. TVersity will convert it on the fly if its mkv. Personally I just run every video I get through Handbrake, so its all the same type/specs. Everything that comes out of handbrake runs through tversity fine, with the added bonus of choosing which language from dual-audio anime mkv's.
  9. This kinda boosting reminds me of shadowrun.... Anyway, I would love to crank out some achievements for this. If anyone has a group and needs a spare, let me know!
  10. My LA Noire has four disks..... ...Im guessing the fourth disk is the dlc for the complete edition.
  11. Can i lower the difficulty, do this, get the achievement, and then go it on insanity, lose and carry on?
  12. So you cant get 1000/1000 in this game without buying dlc? Shame
  13. How the holy hell do you get past wave 6 with +50% accuracy? The dropping mines destroy the hell outta me
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