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  1. Anyone else missing 1 matchbox. I have tried deleting my save and still missing one.
  2. Anyone know if this game is an easy completion.
  3. Anyone else keep getting disconnected when playing on here.
  4. Anyone else having this problem where your weapons are all showing locked. Ijust beat the game today everything was fine, then i switched consoles went to the weapon cache and now there all locked wtf. if someone else has this or have had it can you please tell me if it can be fixed thanks.
  5. Anyone else save get corrupted..
  6. Anyone have any tips for getting 100,000 points in both hi score and caravan mode. And also does your score get reset when you die in the normal mode. So any tips advice would be appreciated.
  7. Just answered my own question. Yes it is lol.
  8. Anyone know if this game is an easy competition thanks..
  9. When I go to launch the game it wants me to update the game but when I do that it says there was a problem with the update. Just wondering if anyone else is having this same problem.
  10. Anyone know if this game is an easy completion, And if there are any good guides or walkthrough's.
  11. Anyone else single player save get erased..
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