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  1. If anyone is putting together a tournament for the tournament win achievement, please shoot me a message. It's the last achievement I need to complete this game. GT: Awesum James
  2. Anyone want to be kind enough to join me in co-op for like three-five minutes. My achievement is 98% complete for the "Double Trouble" achievement, meaning I probably need 3 1/2 minutes of co-op. If someone would not mind helping, please message me, and I'll invite you to the game, no party or mic needed. Thanks in advance to anyone who will be kind enough to help GT is Awesum James
  3. I would assume it has something to do with completion percentage.
  4. MUT has always been frustrating and overwhelming for me. This was actually a great help.
  5. Looking for three people to earn the Team Up achievement. This is like the only achievement I'm having a difficult time earning as I have no friends that play this game. Send me a message, I'll be available all day except from 12pm-3pm CST because I have a class. Gamer Tag: Awesum James
  6. If anyone has a boosting session I would love to join. I need a few harder to get achievements: Zenyatta's Discord, Zarya's 70 Power, Genji'a 4 Kills, Repers Solo Kills, Pharah's 4 Kills Without Touching Ground, Destroying Three Symmetra Teleporters, 2 Killing Blows With Soldiers Rocket, 3 Killing Blows With Lucio While Wall Riding, 4 Mercy Ressurections, Famaging 6 People With Winston, Restoring 1500 Health With Zenyatta, Destryoing 10 turrets with Winston, 4 kills with Junkrat, Hanzo, and Torbjorn. I have obtained everything else. If someone has an open session, please add me. Gamer tag is Awesum James
  7. Looking for a few people to do the KotH 1000 pt and 5 wins achievements. Also looking for one person to boost the 5 tower wins achievement. Gamertag is Awesum James
  8. Looking to knock out the 700 pt achievement today if anyone is up for it. I'll be on all day after 1 p.m. CST. Gamertag is Awesum James
  9. This might help some, but with the Draw 4 Challenge achievement, I got it with ease with stacking turned on. If an AI stacks and you are the next, challenging the stacked card will normally win. It will turn from drawing 8 for you to both you and the AI drawing 4 if done correctly. I found it easier to win challenges this way. Simply put, if you turn stacking on, this achievement should definitely come with natural progression towards the other achievements.
  10. If anyone is willing to help (preferably 31s and 32s who beat him), I am stuck at the Crota boss fight in Crota's End. The team I was working with is not communicating well and I'm looking for people who know what to do. I'll be on for the next seven hours or so. GT: Awesum James Xbox One only
  11. I was just about to post that. My only hopes are I don't have to sit through a whole episode 5 times lol. And here's to hoping for a patch for the other achievements since Money in the Bank is Sunday.
  12. So Total Divas isn't available on the Network (why would they put this as an achievement baffles me). Then the after midnight, live ppv, and ppv preview achievements are all glitched. I watched Payback live and no pop, and since the Money in the Bank ad aired during Payback, I assumed the ppv ad achievement should have popped. And I left the network running from the start of the ppv until 2am my time, and no after midnight achievement. This is horrible and I don't even know if WWE would consider a patch
  13. Oh man this will be a time saver. It was horrible going back to the main menu over and over to check the list.
  14. This method was a life saver. I reloaded my save when I lost one of the custom bikes, and it glitched on me. I thought I was going to either: A) Wait for a patch that might never happen B) Deal with 99% completion once the 4th DLC releases C) Delete my data to complete it. This method saved my data and got me the achievement. Blah, this is why I have a strong dislike for DLC.
  15. Looking for three others who are pretty decent at the game and want to obtain the CRRRRRAAAZY difficulty achievement. Add me on Xbox live at Awesum James (Xbox One only). Also it would be preferred if you have Smartglass so one of us could do the Boss mode glitch.
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