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  1. Still working as of last week.
  2. Some achievements glitched for me. Some story ones, but also characters. I'm about 50 hours in. Don't think I want to start all over again, especially since it might happen again. Another reason I hate games that won't give you multiple saves.
  3. Did not try to stab Ramsay Snow: I didn't try since I knew there was no way to actually kill him or even injure him since he's from the show. Killed Bloodsong - I figured the pit fighters wouldn't respect someone who doesn't kill so I stabbed him. Plus he was an ass. Did not tell Tyrion that Cersei sent you - I didn't tell him since that other guy was listening. He freaked out anyway. Chose to kill the traitor - I killed Duncan. He deserved to die and any info he had would be useless since all choices lead to the same path . Had Rodrik stay behind- I kind of liked Asher better and Rodrik is pretty weak so not much use in the future.
  4. I left Vaughn hanging, mainly cause I pressed the wrong button. At least Loader Bot helped Vaughn feel better.
  5. I had a few glitches show up where I couldn't do anything, including one where Adil just turned in circles until I reloaded. I also had the jaw glitch. The people were ugly enough without it. Damn.
  6. None of the choices actually matter in this game. If you save someone, they will die later, characters will treat you the same no matter what you chose. I still love the game, but I do wish choices had some sort of effect on things.
  7. Looking to exchange Wheelin n Dealin with. I put up a design labeled Cripplers. Will return the favour. Thanks.
  8. Looking for someone to swap Entrepreneur with. Put up a design labeled Cripplers. Will return the favour.
  9. Is this the one in the alley? I found it a bit tricky as some enemies would spawn behind the fences and just hang out there. Try to go down the alley and watch out for the rocket guys, can't afford to ragdoll.
  10. For the longest time, I didn't realize that collectables show up on the main map and not just the mini map.
  11. Everytime I try to start a new Franchise, the game crashes at the loading screen. I've deleted my install, played off disc etc, changed the options but it does it everytime. Does anyone know a way around this? Would like to try to get some Franchise achivements. Thanks.
  12. I wish they would change their achievements more often. Why do all sports have to copy the majority year after year?
  13. I will definitely be getting the special edition. Normally I would get the Collector's edition for games that I really want, but it seems overpriced. I can live without a hat etc and the digital is mainly multiplayer which I don't care that much for.
  14. I hope it has at least 200 achievement points so we can get up to 1500.
  15. Hitman: Absolution. Got 950 in it when it first came out. Last week, booted it up again to finish it on hard for the last achievement.
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