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  1. I believe that stat glitches if you reload a previous save or rediscover something again. At one point mine said over 400 at the leaderboards but I'm at 290 on my big save.
  2. Haven't logged in, in a couple years. Hope you're well! Add me on Xbox again. SideDish120.

  3. I believe it's around 8-9am Pacific Standard Time when I see things go live.
  4. Bingo. http://www.exophase.com/game/minecraft-playstation4-edition-ps4/trophies/
  5. From an OG guide writer to a new guy. I haven't posted in a solid year but I felt like this could use one of my original curved banners that started like wild fire and everyone uses now Enjoy. http://i44.tinypic.com/slnpxz.jpg
  6. Looks like guides on the site are still being done in my layout I began a couple years ago . Good job, Him. We'll have to chat once we are both online. Especially the way the banners look, Nozza
  7. Some of my guesses. The others in the list I have no idea. Big Finish5 Complete the first tier of the challenge “Big Finish” in any mode. Doing a certain amount of Super/Ultra finishes. Sharing Is Caring10 Complete the challenge “Sharing Is Caring”. Upload game footage to YouTube. Couch Potato10 Complete the first tier of the challenge “Couch Potato”. Play for x amount of hours cumulative, or in one sitting. EX-ceptional20 Complete the third tier of the challenge “EX-ceptional” in any mode. Do 'x' amount of Ex movies cumulative. Going Streaking20 Complete the second tier of the challenge “Going Streaking” in ranked online mode. Reaching a 10 win streak online. Practice Makes Perfect20 Complete the challenge “Practice Makes Perfect”. Doing a certain amount of Perfect rounds/matches. OR Staying in Training mode for a certain amount of time. OR Watching a certain amount of videos in the Replay Theater if it's in this game. Pocket Full Of Quarters30 Complete the challenge “Pocket Full Of Quarters”. Complete the Story/or Arcade on medium or higher difficulty without any continues.
  8. I'm sorry but this guide needs a lot of work. You need to explain the achievements in the sense of how to unlock them. Not say words like "thingy" or use "I".
  9. Got my 1000 on Thursday. Feels great. If you can accomplish the Bobsleigh challenge, any other platinum will be cake.
  10. Your "rating" is based off how you pass in a regular race. When you go to pass someone don't hit them. If someone that is in a position below you and they hit you. It's alright.
  11. Switch to manual transmission and leave it in second gear. If your in auto it throws you to third and you accelerate too fast. Second gear is the perfect sweet spot as it keeps your tires spinning and just enough speed.
  12. I think it's fine for how much they threw in the game. You can tell they just wanted variety and am happy they stuck to the 70% of only Rally racing content.
  13. Don't worry. There is plenty of Rally and a small amount of Gymkhana in the game. It will really test your skill tho in Gymkhana stuff. Getting Platinum on stuff sure isn't easy.
  14. Obviously you know a lot more about modded xbox's then us cause I have no clue wtf abgx is. Seeming I just searched it, it verifies the disc. So hmm. I wonder if you have a modded xbox? Also. Have you never heard of inhands now on eBay? Next time a big release is coming out, go have a look a couple days later and you'll see yourself. This happens to be one of my favorite sellers that do it. http://myworld.ebay.com/phillennon&ssPageName=STRK:MEFSX:SELLERID Go look at his feedback. Plenty of them. Look when games released, and when those people bought them. I'm not even gonna bother reading the rest of whatever you typed out.
  15. It doesn't take that much to use correct punctuation. If your so lazy to move your finger about 2 inches in a direction and press. You have some issues. It isn't difficult. Plus, you ranting doesn't help. When I tried to read your thread, I had no a single idea of what you were talking about. And I bet 9/10 people have even the slightest clue like myself. I have written countless top game guides for this site, and having someone who has never contributed calling out another guide writer is a joke. I wrote all my games from my personal information, and Amory has done the same. So how about you go write your OWN guide. Then earn some respect around here. People who read my post will understand everything. What ever you respond to this by: typing like this ya know dude i am so lazy - guys I doubt anyone will be able to even stand reading it. And before you call anyone out for having a modded xbox. I know how Amory gets his games, and it sure as hell isn't in that fashion. Him and I both get our games off eBay. Yes, we pay a pretty penny more. But for us to have a top notch guide up when the game releases is very helpful to the community.
  16. I made another Homefront session Tomorrow at 8. So just search for it.

  17. Please note that not all Co-op achievements are needed to be completed online. Only put the ones where you NEED someone in Online Co-op to do it. Otherwise, all other Co-op stuff can be accomplished in splitscreen.
  18. Give it some time, I'm sure it's just a hick up in the servers.
  19. Almost done and would love to xp boost and what ever else anyone needs. Add me on SideDish120
  20. I was 5th but recently been pushed back the leaderboards since more people got the game now.
  21. Lmao, you've made it into my sig with that one. I love people like you that say that.. /sarcasm Just practice. Plus side note. After I hit 320. It only took me 2 1/2 hours to do the rest. And I'd say 11-12 hours in total.
  22. Regular 360 controller. Xbox brand It just takes time. Do for example if a combo goes. :ybut: , etc , et cetera. Do like the first 4 moves and stop the combo. Then add in the 5th move. Stop the combo. And 6 then 7 and work every move into the combo to really get it into your head and it will just become muscle memory by the time you finish the combo. I also thought looking at my controller for a lot of them helped me do it instead of the screen
  23. I'll see if any achievements are tied to it. But I will probably do a couple. It's fairly easy to at least do 160. Just take each mission one move at a time.
  24. I finished my 320 missions but decided to go for the full 100% and finished it. So 360/360 missions so far. http://i53.tinypic.com/of6q9e.jpg http://i53.tinypic.com/of6q9e.jpg
  25. Collapsed Building for 15,905.
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