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  1. I’ve done this before by accident, phone Microsoft customer support they will refund the game for you as long as you haven’t had games refunded a number of times before. 0344 800 2400.
  2. Just downloaded a new patch for this and guess what still can't find a game.
  3. Hi all, I just got back into forza since hot wheels dlc come out, the thing is I found the barn find on blizzard mountain that day hot wheels dlc came out. So when it was restored I was playing the new dlc and collected my restored cars including the blizzard mountain car but now the achievement isn't unlocking for that car. All others have. Any ideas anyone plz
  4. Get it now, thanks for clearing that up for me 😀
  5. I'm a little stuck on when a achievement says in one playthrough, does that mean in a session say I sit down for 2/3 hours or mean in one playthrough of the campaign, sorry if seems dumb ? But just not sure. Thanks in advance for any info
  6. Yep exactly the same as above, found old save and then looked again after that and can't get back in now. Thanks guys for your help, much appreciated
  7. Hi all, I'm on eos and just done the 1st crypt cave, something like that anyway, well I got out after completing it and for some reason I thought I'd see if I can go back in, well I did and now I can't advance or get back out.
  8. Yep same here as well, still no xp boost or patches
  9. Thx for your help, I have tried all those options before. Think it might be a phone call to ubi or Microsoft. Thanks again
  10. Hi all, I brought deluxe edition with season pass for me and my son as we gamer share but none of us can find much of the stuff it comes with like the xp boost. I see my friends are working fine. Also if I go to store it tells me to buy game and season pass again but in small writing says installed which is the same for the huntmans pack dlc. Any help would be appreciated. Thx.
  11. I'm in uk and the 10 hour trial is out now, just a heads up for you all
  12. Just a heads up ,The update for tuesday is live now, new map and season 2.
  13. Just seen on Xbox store that this is already on sale from £55 to £33, knew this wasn't great but that's a quick drop
  14. Just a heads up,£15 and is 21.35GB in size. im Happy to buy at that price.
  15. Send me a friends request and I'll invite you m8 then you just have to wait for Ms. Gt: FastTrack76
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