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  1. It is currently $4.80 in deals with gold this week
  2. I've done multiple hard resets in the past couple weeks and I still have thos 3 that haven't unlocked
  3. So I still have 3 achievements that say "Done! Unlocking..." from the day one problem where achievements weren't registering. I had about 10 after that problem and have had all but 3 randomly show up, heck I even had one pop for me when I was playing Sunset Overdrive. The 3 that still haven't unlocked are for completing 3 campaign missions in Halo:CE (library, two betrayals, and keyes). I have gotten the achievements for beating the game and even some for par times, skulls, and terminals in those missions. I just went back and replayed one of those missions and it still didn't pop. Is there anyone else that had unlocked achievements during the day one Microsoft problem that haven't fully unlocked yet? I was under the impression Microsoft addressed this and that it would be 48-72 hours for these achievements to register, but it has been 3 weeks now.
  4. I think that if you do any damage to the wraiths it will disappear, but this is not necessary to do co-op. you can jump in the warthog that is tipped over at the beginning of the wraith section and drive it towards the side of the silo/cylindrical platform the skull is on closest to the wraith /entrance you are supposed to go to. drive the warthog right up next to it and use the front end to crouch jump onto the platform. I recommend taking out the ghosts before hand because they will sit there and shoot you while you are trying to jump up there and it is a pain in the ass.
  5. If you are playing one disc on multiple accounts my guess would be he got the drops because he played it first, but considering your post is extremely confusing and really makes no sense at all, I'm not sure I can fully answer your question...my tip to you would be to pay attention in English class or if they don't teach that these days learn on your own the basics of writing, because all you have here is a big run-on sentence with absolutely no punctuation. No one will answer your questions if you continue to post threads like this. I am by no means a teacher or am good at proper grammar, but goddamn you didn't even try...you didn't even put a question mark at the end. My final answer is to ask your dad, because he can probably understand you talking better than we can understand you trying type out your questions. If he can't answer you then show him this post. He will either A:see this and try to help teach you ways to better express your thoughts, ideas, questions in a written(typed) manner that will create at least a semblance of knowledge of grammar. Or B: He won't give a shit, in which case you are fucked.
  6. Nevermind. I started up Halo to the menus and then restarted AW and now its working. That is really odd considering i was playing Halo before i switched over to AW the first time.
  7. So I signed on to AW a couple hours ago and tried to play multiplayer and when I hit xbox live it would say "connecting to xbox live for a minute or 2 and then give me the "service not available" error. I then went and played campaign to work on some achievements and just now tried to connect to survival and same thing..I also checked multiplayer and still can't connect. I figure if this was a widespread problem there would already be a thread about it. I also checked the CoD website and xbox live and nothing. Am I the only person having this problem? Is there anything I can do to fix this?
  8. I wasn't having problems yesterday, but today I am. In each game type I try it says searching for players on the left but on the right it just has my gamer tag and not the drop down bar of searching for players list. In my experience I have never been able to find a game when that list on the right doesn't drop down and say searching for players. usually I can just back out and try another game type or 2 to find one that will actually search, but not right now. hopefully it is because they are working on the servers and fixing it.
  9. The achievements are working now I unlocked a bunch yesterday and today. I think most of the problem is achievements that were completed when microsoft was having problems and still say "done! unlocking..." although I just checked my achievements and about half of those ones I had gotten that were unlocking have unlocked(skulls and terminals) at some point today. The other half that haven't are for completing missions.
  10. According to IGN the Blind, Assassin and IWHBYD skulls are the only ones you can get NOT on legendary. All the rest must be done on legendary. Edit:Talk about timing on those posts...go with what Maka said
  11. I did the same thing on Terminal. It popped for me
  12. Yeah I am getting new achievements now, so at least they are unlocking again. I too am not getting any of the done! unlocking.. ones to pop yet. hopefully they will unlock without having to redo missions, get the same skulls, terminals etc..
  13. just had one pop 5 minutes ago...here is to hoping they fixed it, but probably not.
  14. So I played through Truth and Reconciliation on Halo CE earlier today saved and quit at the beginning 343 guilty spark. Came back a few hours later and resumed my game and it started me out at the Library. Having never played the original Halo campaign I just assumed that was where I left off. Currently on the Maw and it says I have 9 of 10 completed, but looking at my achievement list I don't remember playing the 343 mission. when I click on missions it says I have completed it, but when I checked my achievements that are 100% and unlocking...(because of the MS problem) it is not on there. has anyone encountered a mission being skipped when you resumed play? I'm sure I'll have to play it to get that achievement. I wonder if it will give me credit for completing the game without actually playing it.
  15. Well after my last post I completed a Halo: CE campaign mission and that achievement didn't pop...may not be working again or a couple achievements slipped through crack
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