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    im down to boost any games on my list
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  1. looking to play through whatever missions on coop whenever i can
  2. just got the game, looking to boost
  3. Looking for people to play through the campaign and get all campaign related achievements, also willing to help with spartan ops if needed. I also have the DLC and will play towards those achievements too
  4. Im looking to get all the achievements before the servers go down so hmu to achievement hunt!
  5. Looking to boost for MVP, You Rock!, Happy War-Lord, and It worked! I understand that not all achievements can be boosted in this game but I have very few people that actually play this game on my list so any help would be appreciated. I have MANY games I'm sure i can return the favor somehow
  6. Ive had the game forever but just decided to play it, i def wanna get the full 250G so hit me up to get this done. i have magic 3013 to play after this so the quicker the better. message me
  7. looking to get all available spartan ops achievements RIGHT NOW I AM ONLINE RIGHT NOW!!
  8. New to the game but looking to get the 400/400g message me and we can boost this G
  9. Looking to play through the game in coop with somebody for the story getting achievements along the way, then playing after that obtaining any missing achievements and emblems before a play through on Professional. Looking to get all achievements before Halo 4 comes out in November. I work some days and go to school most nights. Morning will most likely be the time I'm available to play but there are can be some exceptions. Message me no friend requests until after we play together.
  10. I need: Not Your Father's Association Don't Hate the Player The Sum of Its Parts I need more but these are what i want to do first before we are unable to get them anymore. HMU ASAP! Send a message, no requests please
  11. Im down to boost all DLC achievements, beat the game on the hardest difficulty :uzi:and do any other achievements along the way message me
  12. im looking to do the following achievements: Supreme Survivors- 20G Fallen Idols- 30G You Love to Hate my 98- 50G Raccoon City Mascot-15G This Place Crawls- 15G message me and we can play through and get these. chances are we will do other things in the game as well if you dont fuck around. Resident Evil 5- 1230/1400G 65/70 Achievements Resident Evil ORC- 580/1000G 34/50 Achievements
  13. thats just around the corner now, hopefully your right.
  14. still need Salt in the Wound and Tsunami of Pain got my achiievements!
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