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  1. Thank you for the quick response.
  2. Hi there do we have to add achievements manually or can we link it so it automatically tracks them?
  3. I really enjoyed John malcovich in the movie I think with out him I probably would have turned it off early on. The movie really didn’t deserve being compared to the quiet place as that was a really good movie.
  4. I stopped watching this at the end of last season is it worth getting back into?
  5. Doctor who is my favourite show although the season that just ended may have sadly ruined it.
  6. Just saw the spider verse movie and I must say it is a 10/10 for spiderman fans and those who love superheroes.
  7. Thanks for the information been trying to find this for awhile. Great site.
  8. Anyone recommend games on the game pass that are easy gamerscore? I’m 70k just now and want to be 100k by the end of the year to catch up wth my mates who have double my gamerscore.
  9. I tried it but gave up wasn’t for me seemed too much of a grind
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