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  1. there is a terminal in that area. At the start of the video you can see the flip jump platforms on the left, if you go up there is a terminal on the left
  2. I was able to get Escape Artist achievement until after I got moll mender achievement
  3. Im in el kid and I cant leave because I don't have the lighter gun, did I get a glitch or did I miss something?
  4. killkenny

    Windows 8 pc

    star wars clone wars
  5. killkenny

    Windows 8 pc

    how to you get it to work. everything I have tried gives me an error message.
  6. killkenny

    Windows 8 pc

    is GFWL compatible with a windows 8 pc? I tried google and always get different answers.
  7. need a person for stuntman and the Vehicle Tag achievements
  8. whenever I try to do a backflip its always a double backflip. How do I stop doing double backflips?
  9. looking for someone to do hard co-op play through
  10. I was told to quit out of the game completely. reload. Then start a level and let the cut scene play out, then save and quit.
  11. looking for someone to do co-op (on easy)
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