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  1. It's actually timestamped with 22/12/13 so it's obviously been stuck in the cloud somewhere and seeing as I'm not the only one this has happened to, I'm guessing some form of cloud synching has just occurred.
  2. Weirdest thing just happened to me. I am currently playing Assassin's Creed : Black Flag and was just swimming along when this glitched achievement finally unlocked. I'm not complaining because I now have my 1000G from Max but it's bizarre that I wasn't even playing the game and it unlocked. Hope it unlocks for all you fellow glitchees.
  3. This morning, I actually got an email from a guy at PressPlay who said they were pretty confident they've found and fixed the issue. (Something to do with the Xbox powering off mid game and problems with cloud storage synching) and a title update will be rolled out very soon, which should make the achievement pop upon loading the game. This is great news and it's good to see game companies taking the issue seriously, even though it seems to have affected a minority.
  4. I really hope they find the issue and fix it soon. According to Twitter, A title update is incoming soon but they don't sound too confident in knowing what the issue is. It's such a shame, The game was great and it should've been my first Xbox One 1000G.
  5. Hey guys, One of my friends discovered a Royal Convoy that shared to my map. I sailed to the location and It's now discovered but it didn't share. My Uplay passport was active, My internet connection is fine... Has this happened to anyone else? Was hoping for a fix before it expires.
  6. Oooo yeah - Thanks so much for that link man. Finally got the cheeve using that method. Cheers guys.
  7. Hey guys, Is this glitched or am I just doing it wrong? I must've boarded about 25 enemy ships and no cheeve is popping. I've only had the -1 crew member a couple of times and I've not lost any crew before I board so I don't get it. Anyone else having trouble?
  8. I'm online now. Sent a few messages out but no responses. Need 3 guys, ready to go now.
  9. I will be online in the next 20 mins so I'll send a few messages to see if we can get this My GT is Crazraell.
  10. I still need this if another 3 players are willing to clan up?
  11. Hi guys, It's almost 8.30pm in the UK and I need this cheeve and am ready now of anyone's about?
  12. Ah ok so I guess it's just bad luck for some of us. Or something we did that effected it? Who knows, Either way I hope it's fixable soon.
  13. I don't think everyone has had it but the achievement for collecting 75 Evil Eyes (One of the more time consuming achievements) isn't popping. When I go to the achievements screen it's showing that I am stuck on 98% collected, When in game is showing 75/75 collected. There's no way to collect them again. Even starting a new game. I hope it will be patched. Other than that, It's a fairly easy 1000, aside from a few slightly tricky 'Don't die' cheeves.
  14. I should have 1000G but the annoying glitched Evil Eye achievement means I'm stuck on 925G.
  15. This has happened to me too. So annoying. It's 98% I'm stuck on for both the cheeve and the challenge. I've uninstalled and reinstalled but that made no difference. Hope someone finds a fix, or it gets patched.
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