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  1. Hi!

    You joined my session of F1 2011 (PC Version). How you want to do the session? Should I add you as my friend in the Xbox or should I let the session public?

  2. I am trying to get the online. In F1 2010 I know how to do it, because I did it in the XBox 360. It is slow, but it works. And in F1 2011 I will try from the scratch the online achievements.

  3. Hi! You joined the session of F1 2011 that I created. How do you prefer to do it? Should I add you as my friend?

    Thanks for you time!

  4. Hi. Sorry, i have read it today first. Its that actually to boost the achievements? I have now re-installed my OS and all games are deleted but when you will boost, send me a message and i installed the game a new one.

  5. Hi. You answered my sessions of F1 2010 and 2011. I let the answers there.

    Thank you

  6. Hi! I get this game a little late, and I want to get all the achievements. I need a partner to do the online achievements. Is there anyone still playing?
  7. Hi. Are you still interested in doing the online achievements from this game?
  8. Hi. Are you still trying the F1 2011 online achievements?

  9. Is there anyone that still playing F1 2011 on the pc version? I want to complete the online achievements.
  10. Do you still do it? I'm trying to get all the online achievements, in XBox and in PC version.
  11. Yes. Only for the online achievements.
  12. I am a little late, but if you want a partner in the co-op for the F1 2011, just send me a message.
  13. Hi! I'm still trying to get those online achievements. Anyone that want to play online, add me.
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