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  1. Looking to get the Chicken Suite achievement as this is no longer available. If anyone is feeling generous I will help out with anything other in return. GT WITCHER7410
  2. Looking for help with Legendary Weapons. Will help with anything other in return. GT: WITCHER7410
  3. Looking for help with Legendary Weapons. I am happy to help with anything other in return. GT: WITCHER7410
  4. Looking for partner to run score attack. GT WITCHER7410
  5. New to the Destiny scene. I have 2 characters at level 40 currently working on the third. Anyone want to team up to complete nightfalls / heroic story missions? I'm yet to complete a raid also any help there would be great. GT: WITCHER7410
  6. Looking for people to boost the online matches. GT WITCHER7410
  7. Looking to complete all retail chaos squad maps. GT WITCHER7410
  8. Looking for two people to boost multiplayer achievements. GT WITCHER7410
  9. Looking to partner up with someone and do the 4 - player achievement. GT WITCHER7410
  10. Looking for a partner to do all 4 player related achievements. GT WITCHER7410
  11. Been playing for a while now but cant seem to put the game down. Any regular players wanting friends to run missions with feel free to add me. GT Moonshine7410
  12. Looking to join a team in completing the dlc squad achievements. GT Moonshine7410
  13. Need help with the last bounty for the exotic hand cannon! Would be good to add some friends that play regularly. GT Moonshine7410
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