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  1. I've been receiving a number of access requests recently since Google changed their link formatting. Updated editable link is now: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G8mmTz41bccsetbR8TqlpeC3C6RTuqllndzKghN9wa8/edit?usp=sharing
  2. I get it, free game so you have to deal with ads. But they are all video ads, and right now, pretty much all the same ad which is even worse. Assuming you make three daily challenge attempts per day. Game Length: 1 year Number of Ads: 3650 Total ad time at 30 sec each: 30 hours If you fail challenges and have to repeat, you will see even more ads.
  3. Childish, I know, but I almost spit my oatmeal out when I laughed at this.
  4. This is a written guide to the PP sticker locations for those who can't or don't want to watch the video. All locations are given in relation to their on-map description so you can scroll your cursor over the map to to find them. All credit for finding them goes to RA1NKING who's video can be found [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqRnBVGD5Qk]HERE[/ame] and in the Achievement guide by echoes999 HERE. The written locations go in exact order of the video. 1. Holding Pens-Loading Bay-1st Floor- East side just north of Storage Bay- Grey Shipping Container near where you started and one container East of Survivor Hernando. 2. Holding Pens-Storage Bay-1st Floor- North West corner facing Loading Bay, Yellow Zombie poster on the wall. 3. Holding Pens-Security Outpost-2nd Floor- As soon as you walk in from the north door there is a blueprint map of the facility on the right wall. 4. Research Laboratory-Harvesting Room-2nd Floor- While in the glass encased walkway above the harvesting area, look towards the center column from the southern walkway. 5. Research Laboratory-Refrigerated Containment-1st Floor- From South door, take picture of central round machine. 6. Research Laboratory-Zombrex Research Lab-1st Floor- From South wall take picture of upper laboratory equipment. 7. Research Laboratory-2nd Floor- Facing West it is on one of the red and white "Queens Storage" containers in the corner of the area. (Zombrex Production Lab A will be behind you.) 8. Living Quarters-Living Quarters RR-1st Floor- Zombrex Poster on North wall. 9. Living Quarters-Living Quarters A8-2nd Floor- Left wall as soon as you walk in the door, poster of Texas. 10. Living Quarters-2nd Floor- Keep climbing the stairs to the very top into the tiki torch area. Sticker is on the nose of the big statue.
  5. Exactly, I know the information is available, but rather than having to search the forums or browse the newsfeeds it would be nice to have the information centralized and viewable at a glance as it becomes a more common practice. Example below: A simple added category denoting whether or not an online pass is involved with a Yes/No, possibly with a forum link would be one possibility. Game Info Developer: Volition Publisher: THQ Genre: Shooter Online Pass: Yes(Click for details) Release: US: June 07, 2011 Europe: June 10, 2011 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/achievements/1487/cover.jpgCollection:228 (Add to collection)Wishlist:165 (Add to wishlist)
  6. This is the first site I check before buying a game. It has the best walkthroughs, guides, achievement info, etc. If I want to know if a game has online to complete, DLC, glitches, this site always has the lowdown and these things contribute to my decision to buy. With the expansion of the online pass trend I think it would be very useful to include a section somewhere in the game info detailing whether there is an online pass or not because many games don't advertise this at all unless you look directly at the back cover which is no help if buying online or trying to decide if buying used is a bad decision.
  7. I can now confirm that no personality recordings are necessary after the miscellaneous achievements are out of the way. Scan your item then hit play or do a custom personality and once the voice recordings are done (you don't have to say anything) and it prompts you to jump you will see that the left hand guide action prompts "more." Simply do the "more" action and create a new personality- rinse and repeat. Significantly reduces time.
  8. Did you go through the recording every time or did you select change personality as soon as the recording started and it said it had been saved?
  9. Yes, I can confirm that you don't have to watch the video in order to have it save and in answer to gmurda33's aborted question "Ahhh nvm. It makes u record a skit after it saves the puppet. " You can actually skip by dashboarding or bringing up the Kinect hub and selecting to go home/restart but due to load screens it's not really any faster than just recording the video then going back.
  10. So for the 25 achievement I understand you should record a skit, but do you also have to watch it afterward or can you immediately go back to start once it's been recorded.
  11. This is a spreadsheet I made while playing the game. I used it mainly so I could see trick, variant, and challenge requirements more quickly. I will not be editing or managing this spreadsheet, so I recommend you copy it to your own google account or download to your computer. Anyone who does want to edit it for the benefit of the community, it's all yours. For your own use the left columns are for checking off what you have done. https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ag3xEY3llDsodDJTSUxvM2pKLVVtc2pvblpTRjBBZUE&hl=en_US
  12. The one thing this doesn't mention that I found to be EXTREMELY important is that splatter kills eat 10-16 seconds on the big guys. Once I figured this out and started using them very sparingly my times shot way up to the point where I was finishing levels 5 minutes early. Again, do not do splatter kills because the whole time you are in the gory quick time event with the black background your time IS still going.
  13. As titled it is either the whole central column or the ad itself that blocks the search box... I have an android phone with a smaller screen and no flash support (Optimus V). I realize that many people have asked for a mobile site or app and saw your stance on that, but if there could be a small tweak that would fix this I would be INCREDIBLY happy. My stats may not show it because I visit logged out usually, but I use this site almost every day. I've tried in a few different browsers, both horizontal and vertical, but it is an issue in all cases. Thank you! (Screenshot)
  14. Listen to this guy. I don't really know if it is the MOST effective way but it was pretty darn good. I used it for my last couple thousand kills and recorded my time. 22000 Kills in 30 Minutes Including load times (Installed to hard drive) 73 kills per minute 4400 kills per hour I grabbed the rocket launcher, bull rushed towards the launch pad, launched 4 rockets and all 7 grenades while jet boosting in the air then for my own sense of completion would land and shoot/stomp any easy remaining enemies such that when I restarted there was always few to no enemies and the chopper. I would end each time at about 3:10/3:15 on the clock.
  15. After you get your engineering degree a cave opens up that has a bunch of non-combative, individually named, glasses wearing orques along with some tables, chairs, and game sprites including a giant red dragon. I assume this is just a little easter egg and the names are probably people who worked on the game, but is there anything else that happens there or secrets?
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