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  1. Yes. I did so early today.
  2. I got 30% of the words in the endless dungeon but no achievement...anyone else having difficulty with it?
  3. I know it sucks to transcend, and the game is broken with the offline gold. But after about 24 hours after my first time to transcend the game has gone bonkers. Before I was maxing out at about level 1300-ish and getting around 50,000 hero souls per run (which was pretty fast just babysitting it a bit here and there). I am now getting several thousand by level 150, and getting there in minutes. Of course I had 29 ancient souls waiting for me after the update, but the game moves lightning fast after that slow first 24 hours. Also, don't transcend until you have 150 rubies to buy an auto clicker which will help immediately after transcending and then buy a quick transcension with the other 50 and hope for Solomon, Libertas, or Siya.
  4. Took my wife and I about five minutes with this method. Took three penalty shots to score but I got all 1000g in about 15 minutes of actual time with gameplay and setup. Thanks!
  5. I was trying to read the comments for the new 360 Infinity achievements on my iPad. An ad for Nissan vans, I think, was popping in and out on the bottom of the page at about half second intervals, expanding and shrinking the page every time, rendering it unreadable.
  6. Feel free to add me for the friends achievements. GooRoo4Ever. I can come on pretty much whenever during the day and evening. US Central time.
  7. Hi, Every time I open the achievements, it opens up the last item I was using (settings, etc) and snaps the achievements to the side. I then have to click "full screen" to see it full screen. Is there a way to bypass snapping them and go directly to full screen view like before?
  8. Aside from the most obvious Avatar, Lego games are easy, for the most part. Just time consuming.
  9. Any of the original three Gears games. My favorite franchise anywhere, not just n the 360.
  10. Last 1K=Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.
  11. I'm leaning yes. I owned it back when it was released (Xbox One), played the heck out of it, and then I could never log on. Got some error code 9/10 login attempts. That lasted a good week or so before I broke down and sold the game out of frustration (for a few dollars more than I paid, coincidentally, thanks to BB GC and $10 back). I loved the game though I mostly played alone. I'm really curious to sample the new additions and enjoy the gameplay again. I just hope I can actually play this time.
  12. Checked it earlier and it does indeed appear to be solved. Many thanks!
  13. Game now appears on the Xbox website as a 360 game. What a mess. http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Frozen-Free-Fall-Snowball-Fight/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8025841149c
  14. Same. The front page kills my iPhone and iPad. I have to close out of the browser or restart the device. Links do not work either.
  15. It would be nice if the achievements were all about accomplishing feats in, and winning, football games rather than grinding out (or buying, as they want) digital cards. Not a fan of "earn medals in the trainer" either. Those two will probably comprise half the list, as always.
  16. Hoping that cutting the required # of feats for the achievements doesn't mean they've cut the total number of feats available down. List could be really easy (most likely) or pretty hard if there's only 75 feats to begin with. I'm going with the former since there were well over 200 in 2.0 with 90 required, most of which weren't hard anyway beyond figuring out what they meant in some of them. As always though, the more $ a player can throw at the game the easier it'll probably be.
  17. How many achievements are still up for grabs on this? The game is on deep clearance at Best Buy ($11.99) and was considering picking it up. I heard a while back that the MyCareer was shut down, but 2K may have also reneged on that. Don't want to bother if that's the case.
  18. I've just been spending a few minutes here and there setting up and knocking down a bunch of frost giants. Add some purple capsules to the mix and it goes fast and the XP flows. Not as easy but a little more satisfying (along with just playing the game).
  19. yup, can barely sign in and starting a game is a non starter. just get a black screen...
  20. My score is showing a bit lower than it should, and I have several achievements that are sitting at "Done! Unlocking" for Halo MCC.
  21. My achievement for completing 180 challenges hasn't popped. I am sitting at 181 completed but the progress bar in the achievements app is showing me at 99%...
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