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  1. I've got 319 games installed across both internal and external, they've like that for well over a year and I've never had a problem. I'll make sure all DLC is on one device and see what happens, if not I'll do like you said and give technical a call. Thanks Dirty.
  2. For the last few week's whenever I go onto My Games and Apps, the Xbox will check for updates, but after a minute or so it says there aren't any. Pretty much any game I then try to launch will say an update is due, and will then start to download so I then have to wait before I can play anything. In my settings I've got keep games updated ticked, and my console says it's up to to date. For games with big updates this is getting pretty annoying, does anyone have any ideas how to sort this?
  3. Just noticed that the following games have been added. Fallout 4 The Division Elder Scrolls Online They're some pretty good additions I gotta say.
  4. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  5. I just wanted to apologise for downvoting a comment you made about a Bioware developer being racist, I wasn't aware of Manveer Heir's comments at the time but I have since googled them. What a disgusting human being he is. I too will be holding off buying ME:A until I can get it 2nd hand, not giving that company a penny as long as he works there.

  6. Yeah I'm aware of the issues, a patch has just been released so I wondered if that had changed much, also many of the issues involved promised content that wasn't included in the game, not so much the actual gameplay. Just wondered how the actual space travel, piloting and such compared between the two. I've just watched a couple of videos and Elite certainly looks more involved, plus the MP seems to actually work, which I still believe isn't the case in NMS.
  7. I'm looking at getting a space exploration game, but am unsure which. I know NMS is PS4 but I'm sure some people on here will have played it, so if you've tried both which would you recommend?
  8. Does the pass include all the DLC, Including the 20th anniversary pack?
  9. I bought it from the store, but it included the access discount. Edit : Apparently the trial hadn't launched in the UK when I first posted, it's out now, although all the servers are empty but hopefully by this evening they'll fill up.
  10. How do you access the first play trial via EA Access? I have the Ultimate Edition installed, yet whenever I try to start the trial through Access it says I'm to early and will have to wait. Same if I try starting it through my apps.
  11. Absolutely, that's if they even bothered to pass at all. Also the amount of fouls that my team mates committed was ridiculous, the opponent ai made two fouls against my team for the entire 1000gs, my team must have made at least two dozen, usually when we were winning and had about 30 seconds left on the clock, thus allowing the ai to beat us
  12. I just accidentally clicked on the uninstall option when looking at a game that was updating, immediately 26gb was gone, no warning, no double check if thats what i really wanted to do, just gone. So now i have to re-download the entire game again. Surely it couldn't be that hard to have a safety measure in place to prevent that from happening, or even better simply not be able to delete an entire game from an update page. Another truly terrible piece of design from MS
  13. If anyone on here has this game who speaks dutch please help, I accidentally selected dutch as the language and now cannot for the life of me work out how to change it back, I've tried google but nothing. All I want to do is play some poker Edit. Just realised its deutsch, not dutch. So any german speakers please
  14. Yeah I know, just me over reacting. I was just annoyed having waited to get started that I then had to wait some more, patience isn't my strong point. Now that it's all going I'm sure I'll enjoy it.
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