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  1. Where do I find the on demand songs to get this achievement?
  2. There is always hope. But I also noticed other than missing notes is that once in a while the song would skip and get really laggy. At one point my tv screen went black for a couple of seconds and came back on. This has never happened when I played any other game.
  3. So basically the guitar is preventing us from getting 100% in this game? Bc there is a couple achievements that deal with doing a full combo and hitting 100% of the notes in 5 songs on expert.
  4. Ya how would we find out if it was a wireless issue though or an issue with the guitar?
  5. I have been reading other people having similar problems. I just hope I don't have to return it and get a new one that's always a pain. And even the new one might have the same problem as well.
  6. Ya I calibrated twice and have it set to auto calibrate during the game but it keeps ending my streaks like I strummed when I didn't touch anything. Idk what's the deal with that
  7. Is anyone else having problems with hitting notes? I know I'm hitting the right button and strumming at the right time but sometimes if I'm strumming down a lot it will just miss notes or randomly end my streak. Is anyone having similar problems and how do you fix it?
  8. Are the achievements still glitchy in this game? If not is this game worth getting
  9. Ok thanks for the quick response. I will play it safe and wait until tomorrow to beat the dlc after the war mission ends so I can have 5 of 5 approval going into the last mission.
  10. I have 4 of 5 approvals for the legend marked achievement. Right not I have to wait 20 hours for a mission to end in the war table for me to get my fifth. But I was wondering if I get a point just for beating the last mission of the dlc? I just want to know if I should stop playing the dlc and wait for the war mission to end or could I beat the dlc and still get the achievement?
  11. Ok thanks for the help. I was just worried because I know that the decision points for main story mission affects the characters view point on you more than doing side missions, and if I make certain decisions that one person might not agree with, I just want to make sure I can still get them to be friends. I know the people person achievement is listed as missable and I am trying to get all the achievements in one play through. So I just want to have a basic idea on how not to screw up the missable achievements lol.
  12. Ok so if I go for Iron bull, Dorian, and Cassandra and at one decision point I get approval for 2 out of the 3 characters like Iron bull and Cassandra, then the next decision point I get Dorian and Iron bull approvals; will I have enough decision points to get all 3 as friends? And how many friends could you possibly get if you make good decisions?
  13. Ok about the People Person achievement... Who are the best/easiest 3 people to become friends with. My idea was that I would either have Josephine or Cassandra become my romance partner for the other achievement because I am a male qunari. And I cant tell if a romance partner counts as a friend, because some say it does while others say no. But idk who I should become friends with because every single decision point in the game affects each character differently. One decision Varric and Solas may agree but another time they might disagree as an example. Im not sure how much each decision affects every character and that if I make a bad decision for someone do I have enough time to make good decisions for that character and have them become friends before the end of the game.
  14. Ok so I have 2 questions... 1. Can I unlock the hard hitter achievement with any character not just the inquisitor? 2. When I get into a romantic relationship with someone from my team will that romance count towards the people person achievement?
  15. I selected knight enchanter as my specialization for the inquisitor. So what's the best setup for that class that will allow me to get the achievement for doing 1000 plus damage in one shot?
  16. Did it unlock when you started playing sunset? Or did it unlock when ur console was offline?
  17. do you have to replay the chaos mission or is retroactive?
  18. We'll I hope that 2 weeks is an April fools joke
  19. Same for me I just completed chaos mode on robot factory with a chaos level of 2700 and it didn't unlocked. When I went to check achievements it still shows as being locked and looks like I didn't complete it.
  20. Any word on if Insomniac is aware of this problem? I know they released an update earlier but that didn't help unlocking the chaos mode achievement.
  21. Looking to do the new Easter egg.i know all the steps and I'm on now. Send me a message
  22. Hey just blaze any tips to how you rescued 4 ppl in one match? Can it be done solo?
  23. Thank you xhunterxxx, BiggD, and Floyd for the tips and quick responses. They were all helpful, and now I feel confident in starting this game on the road to 100% completion.
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