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  1. I could have swore i tried that??? I will try it again later, cheers:)
  2. I need one more quest for the tree trunks guy(think that's him), I have to find a "baked good gun"..........what the hell is that, I have all sub weapons:confused:
  3. Any know what hoe this is done Red Button19 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.pngCancel a skyrocket launch
  4. Thank you so much for this, worked for me, took about 15 mins
  5. I am sure this walkthrough is correct, as i say i love your guides, without them i would not have completed most of my jap games , I will give it another go later although i am sure i missed nothing thats whats frustrating Is the timing of sending the message related maybe?, as soon as the sparks appear for the 4th time there are about 10 chances to press the 'A' button before the message auto sends, i have been sending at the 1st chance as soon as the sparks appear
  6. The message is the same apart from one charactor の so it reads Dメール実験をもっとよく考えろ, but none of the other messages are anything like so it must be the one to send Real annoying as your guides are always great and i have re-started so many times
  7. I have the same problem, in the same place I have followed guide exactly as written and send the message .....on the 4th time the sparks appear but do not get a achievement(華氏93度のキアロスクーロ) on 8/17 , i have started over dozens of times but can not get it to work out
  8. I understand Just aquestion about this guide, the bits where it says Do/Don't make a pinky swear is this done via LT/RT to select pink? what is the blue option for?
  9. Wow, fantastic guide, i have been wating for this, cheers Sanger I dont supose you are thinking of doing a steins gate one??
  10. Any luck with a walkthrough yet????
  11. I really hope some-one can do a guide because i am getting no-where, tried all combos of answers without much luck
  12. Let me know when the next sesh is and i will join(time depending) G.T Blain uk
  13. Great guide sanger it really helped, any chance you could you explain the mop up for playthrough 8 any more, i can not get it to work for me , i think its all i need now, cheers Ok sussed it, i was skipping to far, got it now
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