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  1. Old thread, but thought I'd add something. Don't try to kill any henchmen. Concentrate on avoiding taking damage (from vines by dodging out, & henchmen by countering). When you get a chance, quick-throw the batarang - she'll take damage even without the eye open.
  2. My skill level must suck, because for me it's a button masher. I often get hit during the heavy attack animation, so I can only make light attacks. Lots of interesting combos, but I can't use any of them because of this.
  3. Easiest for me is a tap down on the stick immediately after the button presses. You can hold down before or during, but that can affect your aim.
  4. 15 minutes sounds closer to the mark. As the other poster says, loading chapter 1 resets the clock. Then just craft a supply fan - easy. There is a box of grenades in the gun store just down the road next to the theater - about 15 grenades, plus 5 flash bangs. Getting any grenade related achievements is fast and easy.
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