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  1. I'm looking for someone who is up for running through the hardcore iron man campaign. We will go through it twice to get it done for both of us. Hope it won't be too bad but we will see. Let me know if you want to try this out. Message Burburnator88
  2. Looking for some people a few launch maps. Also want people to play feral horde. The launch maps are: Dam, Gridlock and Relic. Message Burburnator88
  3. Hi there everyone. I has been a long time and I can't believe the game has been out for so long at this point. I'm just letting everyone know I am still helping out and you can message me whenever. My timezone is PST so we can figure out a good time to work on Jimmy. I'll help as well as I can. Thanks guys. I also might get the Xbox One version to help there. I don't know because I'm not sure there is demand for jimmy there. Thanks either way.
  4. I'm up for doing anything in this game. I have never done it. But I've finished Gears 1,2,3. If anyone is up to start this with me, I would be grateful to you. Thanks guys. Message Burburnator88.
  5. To avoid any confusion. I am only doing the Jimmy hunt on the 360 at the moment. I might do it on the One but that really depends on whether I want to play BL2 and the Presequel all over again. If there is enough demand I'll consider it. Thanks all. I'm still helping on hear no matter what if people still need him. That wont change.
  6. I would have to say doing through Doing Fable The Journey was my favorite. Really, doing any of the Fables is a great 1000.
  7. I'm back and but still recovering I'm just getting my gaming flow backing so I can help any one that still needs jimmy. For now, just message me on live and I'll get back to you as soon as I can guys. Thank you. Let me know what timezone you are in and we will go from there. I'm still recovering but I should be good enough to do this just fine as I have hundreds of times before. Happy hunting guys.
  8. I just got back from the hospital from surgery. No home recovering I'm talking a breaking from liiking from gaming for now guys until I'm back to 100% Thank You!!! I will help you all Very soon.
  9. I'm only missing Lava Lamp now. The King and the Monster are both available now to those that still need them.
  10. I am so sorry for not getting back to you. I've had a lot going on and forgot completely to check my messages here. If you still need help, I'd be happy to but if not, I do apologize. Thanks.

  11. Hey Burburnator88! Sorry to be one of the 100's of pests asking for help with Jenkins, but... Could you help me with Jenkins? I'm grinding in the Wildlife Exploitation area and no luck whatsoever. My GT is The 23 Freak. If there's anything in my list that I can help you with, I'm more than willing. Thanks in advance.

  12. I'm not sure if this is needed since The Behemoth is re-releasing all the heads but I have some accounts that I put extra heads as they were released and figured I'd offer them to any unlucky people that missed out on them the first or second time of them being brought back to the game. I'll list the ones I know I have extras of and also place a link so you can see what they look like: Extra Head: Meebs FBI Agent 1 Rammy Giraffey Swamp Bro Troll Jonny Four DuckShark Santa Winston Ms. Pump Groundhog Furbottom Tooth Brush Siren Snail Wheels Cat Control Hooshmand The Wise Hatzilla Mr. Peabody Man Birth Donuts Moose Little Feets Cyber Monday Knight Here is the link for all the Star Heads as a reference. http://battlewiki.battleblocktheater.com/Prisoners Here are the ones I need if anyone has extras: Lava Lamp Tiny Monkey The King
  13. Working on my hard playthrough atm so if it glitches, it probably was my fault but I'll update when I get done with the playthrough on what happens. UPDATE: It popped after my second attempt at using cheats on hard. I was a moron and didn't save and quit after entering the cheats the first time so I made sure to do every step as it said in the opening post and after a crazy fight with Deadpool, the achievement unlocked. An amazing game but after 3 playthroughs, I finally have the 1000. Thank you OP for the post on the cheats. Saved so much time.
  14. I have 4 extras of Hooshmand in case anyone misses out on him. I'm looking for the Behemoth Chicken, The King, The Lava Lamp, the Cat Control or the Toast but I can give it away if no one has them too. Message Burburnator88 if interested. Thanks. I also have extras of other special heads like the Santa Head, The turkey, The dog, FBI agent and so on.
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