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  1. Play all sorts of games as part of working through a major gaming backlog or purely for enjoyment. Be nice to have more people on my friends list to play games with, so feel free to add me! GT: PabloUK85 P.S. Anyone who would like to see what games I have, click on the following link: http://www.trueachievements.com/PabloUK85.htm
  2. They are still there, don't know about other countries but I'm in the UK. Just to confirm, the car avatar is a Honda Civic Type R. I've found the advert you need to watch to get the avatar appears regularly in the "Browse Games" section, just flick through the categories and it should be there. Says "Free Type R Avatar" at the top of the tab
  3. There are avatar items coming up on the Lego Star Wars advert for both sides, just have to complete the very short mini games and watch the clips to gain access to items that haven't been released. There is also a car advert (sorry I can't be more specific at the moment as I've forgot the model of car and too busy working to check) floating about that says it gives you a free car avatar, but really not sure what you have to do to get it. Basically have to watch a video twice, once normally and once holding RT throughout to get two sides to a story
  4. Only the first episode of The Raven is free, you have to pay for the other two......absolute joke to be brutally honest, I wouldn't even touch The Raven for free, absolutely awful!! Not a fan of snowboarding but may as well give SSX a go considering it's free. Still, as much as games are free, should appreciate the luxury etc etc December is probably the worst GwG month since it started
  5. Thanks, just been trying to keep my head above water really, barely get chance to sit down and enjoy a good gaming sesh. It's not my main priority, but just trying to enjoy it again without concerning myself with boosting ridiculous achievements The dog versus cat thing is difficult for me, I've always wanted a dog as I fell in love with my aunty and uncle's two labradors as a kid, and love the idea of taking them out for walk and having a close companion, but I got two cats from a stray home while I was with my ex and they were amazing. They started misbehaving after we split up which always makes me laugh, but I'm torn now
  6. Showed my face on this site ages ago but got snowed under by work and other personal commitments, but I have made a return in the hope of finding new Xbox 360 gamers to kick back with and play games. Time is not really on my side these days so don't spend hours gaming, but I have kinda lost my love for gaming recently. All my friends have either moved onto other consoles or don't play anymore, so I end up getting bored - playing alone isn't really the same. I have posted in the Xbox 360 Friends section, but if anyone likes to game and have a laugh at the same time, feel free to add me! I'm also on TA (sorry!) most of the time, so feel free to add me on there too. For those who want more personal details, I'll just fire some random facts your way.......I'm a writer, red is my favourite colour, I'm a fitness fanatic, I would love to go on a road trip across America, can't work out whether to get a dog or cat when I have my own place....that should be enough information for now. I play all sorts of games so couldn't really say what my favourite genre is....kinda like me and music. Check out this link to see my current backlog, see if there is anything you would like to play: http://www.trueachievements.com/gamerblogcomment.aspx?gamerblogid=54225#bch Think I've said enough for now so....yeah, if you enjoy gaming and want to have a laugh, add me - PabloUK85 Peace
  7. Looking for friendly gamers to kick back with and have a good laugh, whilst playing games of course. Check the link at the bottom for the ridiculous backlog I have to work through, see if there are any games you would like to play - I'm a Xbox 360 gamer by the way. All of my local friends have moved onto other consoles or don't game anymore, so I'm on my lonesome. Gaming just isn't the same, kinda lost my love for it lately GT: PabloUK85 http://www.trueachievements.com/gamerblogcomment.aspx?gamerblogid=54225#bch
  8. 1. The entire Gears of War series 2. Any of the COD games after MW 2/3 3. Mirror's Edge (each to their own, but I've heard people really like that game.....the mind boggles) 4. The Need for Speed games 5. The entire Halo series
  9. Very pissed that they offered Dishonored on sale just a week or two ago......then make it free!! Only a few quid but come on
  10. After completing the Champion mode last night, I would love to play through Fight Night Champion again. Really enjoyed the storyline
  11. UPDATE: Absolutely battered Isaac Frost last night on Fight Night Champion, did it first time.....was such a sweet feeling knocking that prick out Endurance on Pool Nation remains an absolute ball ache.......for now
  12. You should see the Nike advert playing on a tab, just select that then watch the whole video. When you come out of the menu, it takes you to another one where you can get the Brazil and Portugal strips, along with a jacket for your avatar, themes and gamer pics. Currently donning the Brazil strip, pretty nice!
  13. Exactly! Should do more, or even every single Avatar freebie, like that. Then again, I've never been a far of Star Wars so I left it well alone
  14. It's not technically a boss, but screw it, I'll add another incredibly difficult 'boss' Endurance on Pool Nation....oh my god. I'm not the aggressive type but I've thrown my controller on the floor several times with this game mode. Sounds simple enough to continuously pot balls into any pocket for as long as possible, but it absolutely fucks you over. As you pot balls, more appear on the table but they put them in the most ridiculous areas, even blocking your next shot and bunching loads of balls in one area so there's barely a shot on.
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