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  1. Ok, I found the answer, so, replying to my post in hopes of helping others. I recommend making saves in the beginning of 6 & 7 to do these alternative endings. In chapter 6, do everything, solve the door, but, don't walk through. Go back to the ladders and get the balloon flyer. Enter that flyer in the machine and ride the balloon up. Click the three icons next to the plane that match the ones by the train. Then you take off and bypass to the end of the game as an alternative way. Hence, go back to your save to get back on the normal track after doing it. Pro tip...if you forget the signs for the plane, click the balloon to smash it to go back down to check, then go back up.
  2. Ok, I'm stuck on this level...all other levels were pretty straightforward compared to this. So, I've got a hammer and flower...clicking on the door puzzle does nothing. The clue talks about giving the statue the hammer and smashing a pot. Nothing seems to work. Help!
  3. So, what's the difference between arriving to the end of the sixth chapter vs completing it? I completed it which I assume means I arrived...clearly I am wrong or its glitched. I did get both for Chapter 7, but, don't get how/why.
  4. Ok, all the game glitch bitching aside. I've noticed some interesting observations trying to get my last 5 bricks and could use help on a question. First, my question: Where are the dragons? I keep seeing people wanting to take a picture with a dragon (different colors), but, I have yet to see one, including in/near dungeons. Second, my observation: I noticed around 85 bricks that chests stop giving bricks, went like 100 chests in a row, no bricks, so, I think the amount of bricks you get for certain things is limited. What's frustrating is trying to get the last five bricks, I can spend a ton of time on different worlds and not find any brick offerings. Seems like the only offerings I get are for people wanting dragon pictures and #95 was a fight sequence which are ridiculous. Ok, so, anyone have tips on getting dragons and/or last few bricks? Anyone else notice what I did regarding scarcity of bricks at this level?
  5. Anyone get the easy screen shot achievement? I can't get it to recognize my screenshots. I can see the screenshots in the Xbox app, but, the game doesn't see them.
  6. That was it, thanks! I was trying the other blue xwing, it looked like the same damn one. Cheers!
  7. The race requiring an xwing over by the falcon. I can't seem to get a B prompt to do the race. I'm using an xwing and tried a number of characters. It's the last brick needed for this section. Anyone else having issues? Am I missing something?
  8. Found them both. There are two xwing missions in the big open area on the map. They don't count toward standard missions.
  9. Same here. I am guessing you get one for destroying the base when you have 249/250. Can't find the other whatsoever. Hoping someone can help.
  10. For the achievements where modifiers can be enabled. Does this mean unchecked or disabled? A couple of these modifiers like 'disable the map', if checked would mean not enabled. Issue Im having is the speed run, I've completed a dozen times with several times hitting 57-59 seconds (according to my timer) with no achievement popping. Perhaps Im overthinking the modifiers thing or Im actually coming in at like 1:00 even according to the game clock.
  11. Hi folks, So, after completing the frozen gorge tomb, Im heading back to the frozen gorge camp site to get back to the main game...however, Im 1/2 way there and stuck on the part where you need to climb around a rock. I cannot find a way to jump to the ledge behind me from the far side. Is there another way or can someone please post a video on how to do this? See attached image for where Im stuck.
  12. I still have not had one successful arcade game. Either crashes all the way to dash or search failed.
  13. Its a good question. None of these extras disable achievements on this or any other Lego game.
  14. I understand your logic, however, the enter code function still exists.
  15. Yup, that's totally right. Since Im an achievement snob, I think I care less now that I realize I can get 1000/1000, then I can decide if I want to invest in DLC, which is a decision one has to make on any game with DLC, its just more expensive with the kits. One thing I thought would be cool to do is to find some friends who want to share the DLC packs...Get a few buddies, each buys one pack, then swap around until everyone has what they need. You can't do that with normal digital DLC.
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