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  1. I agree with this statement. Things like this make me more confident in starting up the game.
  2. Arcade Mode Help http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showpost.php?p=6195544&postcount=3
  3. Although I have not completed it, I've come close so I'll try to help. Arcade Mode is basically a cut above the rest of the Story Mode play-through difficulties(Easy, Normal, & Hard). It removes the cut-scene and story aspect of the game and pits in you in a traditional linear "Arcade" style of gameplay where Score, Time, and Survival are your main objectives. Some other things that separate it from other game modes: You start out with 2 Lives (More can be acquired from microwaves or shops) Stage Layouts and Locations of items have changed here and there All Special Moves / Abilities are available from the start You CANNOT save your game Shop Items are more expensive You only replenish 2 Health Bars after completing a Stage There are more enemies present in stages Bosses and Enemies all require more damage to defeat Bosses and Enemies have new attacks and also deal more damage You receive damage more frequently, you are invincible for shorter time after taking damage There are NO Continues upon a Game Over As far as Tips are concerned, all I can really say is to take it VERY slow. Even though there is a Timer is has no effect on you other than score I believe so even if it hits 00:00 you're fine. Play each Stage deliberately and start memorizing where everything is located and where and what type of enemies spawn. Use the R-Thumb Stick to move the camera around to anticipate what lies ahead or beyond. It's a progressive Trial & Error achievement so you may start out being unable to beat Stage 1, then Stage 2, then Stage 3 etc. but after a while you'll slowly improve and conquer them one by one. Once you start getting the gist of everything, it becomes fairly predictable. The Boss Fights will be pretty tough at first but it's all about Strategy & Practice really. Stage 1's Knight Boss doesn't even count as a true boss since he later becomes a common enemy but there are others, for example: Stage 2 Boss: Wolf Bane: You can fire Black Hellebore at his head as you run away from him, then do Charged Sword Slashes as he backs off. Position is everything if you want to avoid his bites. Use your Magic Attacks when you can, but try to save some for the Chicken Boss. Stage 3 Boss: Chicken: There are 2 parts to this fight. When fighting the Chicken, you'll use charged sword slashes at his head and double jump over his beams of fire. Use Magic when you can. For the Shmup portion, have a Turbo Controller handy and assign it to X button. Eat every fruit you see and dodge by focusing on bullets and not the enemies. Stage 4 Boss: Spider: One of the easier Bosses. Use 2 Charged Sword Slashes to take out its Gas mask then camp out(stay crouched) in the left or right corner. Keep spamming your Charged Slash by jumping and hitting the Spider Legs above, stay crouched when charging. If the Spider attacks, use your Evasive Roll to dodge(Down+A). Magic can also be used here if needed. On the escape section, be sure to take the right route as it is quicker and easier. Stage 5 Boss: Princess & White Knight. Come into this fight with 1 or 2 lives at least to give you leverage. So long as you make it to the White Knight with 1 Life you will respawn against him. Spam X button to shoot your Sword Projectile at him or use all 4 Magic Attacks and he'll go down easily. As for the Princess, be sure to Practice against her in PRACTICE MODE and have Black Hellebore fully leveled up. Another vital thing is what you spend your hearts on. Make sure you kill every enemy you see(if possible) but don't do anything that will put you in danger. For instance, on the Stage 2 flood boat portion. Don't risk falling into the water when trying to kill the flying tiki heads but you want to do your best to kill most of the enemies in Arcade. It's best to spend your hearts on: Health Upgrades: Upgrade this 3 or 4 times Black Hellebore: Fully Upgrade this(3 purchases) Focus on upgrading Health for Stage 1 and half of Stage 2, then level up Hellebore before the Stage 2 Boss to make the fight easier. Upgrade health again before the Chicken Boss for survivability and then from Stage 4-5 have Hellebore maxed out. After that buy what you wish but don't waste hearts on magic or 1-ups until maybe right before the end of Stage 5, you need your hearts for Health and Hellebore mainly. A fully upgraded Hellebore will be needed to beat the Princess. That's basically all I can say about Arcade really. I've never actually beaten it before, but I've made it to the Princess on occasion. Stage 5 has a harder version of the Walnut Boss from Stage 3, apparently you take DOUBLE damage from his bullets. Once again, focus on the bullets and find openings, eat as much fruit as possible when he spits it at you between phases, and you should be okay so long as you dodge and keep your health high. Save option is disabled actually in pause menu. There is no Save Option in Arcade, however I completely agree with taking one's time and enjoying the game. Is it difficult? Yes. But with time it will become more manageable and maybe even, fun. I wish the best to all with becoming a True Knight! Most of what I basically spoke of here was thanks to some help from Black Mesa so you can check out more details of Arcade from him. http://www.trueachievements.com/a172722/a-true-knight-achievement.htm?showguides=1
  4. I appreciate the guide. That Score Attack achievement was definitely tougher than I thought it would be. Meter and your health carrying over gives it more of a Survival Mode feel than anything else. At least the green score items help if you take your time to pick them up during fights.
  5. If you have a Hori Pad, just pause the game once you initiate the Super Move then set the Turbo on both the Y and A buttons so that it hits those buttons quickly for you. After that quickly un-pause and mash X and B as quickly as you can. If done properly the achievement should unlock long before the combo is finished.
  6. The "Strategy for Beginners" achievement does not exist. It was in the Japanese Website list but there are only 20 achievements for the game unlike the 21 on that Link you provided. Must have been removed before actually release but the website never fully reflected this. Anyways this is a very easy game to 1000. So long as when you 1st start the game that you choose the right flag with the dragon on it, this will give you the most ideal lineup of opponents in Story Mode to acquire these achievements. Just basically keep clearing Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 around 150-200 times and the 1000 is yours(aside from the online). "Perfect Leader" should unlock naturally. Just get a Perfect against an opponent but wait until they are in low health and finish them with your Super Move(LB + RB). This can be boosted online too. Extra: Keep your in-game inventory free since you get badges for every achievement you unlock. If your inventory is full you won't unlock achievements.
  7. Solid review. It should give those who are interested a perspective on whether to pick it up or not.
  8. Everyone has been talking about how effective Broly is for Survival, but what about the alternative method for using Vegeta. Thanks to some contributions from FOREVER MISERY, we finally have a full fledge Vegeta Survival guide for those compliments of FOREVER MISERY. DBZ Survival Notes This is the method I used to clear the survival trials: Side notes: Don’t EVER enter Aura Spark mode (RB) IF your opponent is already in Aura Spark mode. This will make them more aggressive ? Hard Blocking (RT) ONLY lasts as long as your KI meter is full and this is the ONLY way to protect yourself from Captain Ginyu’s body switch ultimate and other ultimates ? Don’t overtap the A button to evade attacks… This will weaken your character and when your stamina is 0, you will become stunned, dizzy, so leaving you open for attacks… You’re going to use Vegeta and his FINAL FLASH finisher. The reason for this is that Vegeta is faster than Broly. I tried the Broly method and failed in the 80s twice… Also, Vegeta has one of the best finishers FINAL FLASH: this spans the entire screen and deals devastating damage. It will hurt EVEN when blocked… So, choose Vegeta and choose these drama pieces they are best: SENZU BEAN, VEGETA’S PERCEPTION, PROTECTION #1. Start EVERY fight, with this move: FORWARD, FORWARD + HOLD Y (>,>, Y) this is a kick, BUT it’s the holding that confuses the AI. Once you’re KI meter is full, unleash the Final Flash on them… THAT’s IT. ? The first 75 default fights and first 50 custom should be no problem. After that, start playing defensively. In the 80s, I started going into SUPER SAIYAN mode by hitting LB when your KI meter (NEVER SSJ, as that wastes KI METER) You’re awarded a small regain of health based on a few things. I think they’re how much health you have at the end of the fight and how long the fight took you. The quicker the better. You get less and less health back as you advances in the 80s/90s…
  9. This game is completely in Japanese kanji but there is some information throughout the net if you look. Here is a translation and reference to everything you need to know abut Tokoton Mode(Challenge Mode). Achievement translation: [He Who is Clad in the Awe of a Hundred Demons] [Tokoton Mode: Clear all assignments including those on the highest difficulty.] This achievement is unlocked by clearing all 63 assignments in Tokoton Mode. Tokoton Mode is like a Mission Mode where you must complete different challenges, what the game refers to as "assignments". To select it, it's the yellow option at the main menu with a picture of 4 different colored cards with a red flame behind them. Tokoton Mode is broken into two distinct sections: Minion Acquisition Mode and Difficult Mode. Under Minion Acquisition Mode there are 4 categories of missions whereas Difficulty Mode is its own stand-alone mission mode. Here are some of the main mission objectives in Tokoton Mode: ° Defeat the opponent within the time limit ° Win using only your minions or attendants ° Activate your Ultimate within the time limit ° Perform a _____-hit Combo ° Clear all of the Shima within the time limit ° Defeat _____ opponents in a row without dying Minion Acquisition Mode Upon accessing Tokoton Mode from the main menu, these are the missions accessed by selecting the left option with the picture of the 4 cards. These missions are arranged in increasing difficulty, with Green being the easiest and Gold being the hardest. There are 48 missions altogether here. Every time you clear one of these missions you unlock a new minion card. These missions focus mostly on your ability to use attendants and minions. 1. Green Missions [Easy] There are 14 Missions total under this category. 2. Blue Missions [Medium] There are 16 Missions total under this category. 3. Red Missions [Hard] There are 20 Missions total under this category. 4. Gold Missions [Absolute] There are 8 Missions total under this category. Difficult Mode Upon accessing Tokoton Mode from the main menu, these are the missions accessed by selecting the right option with the big red flame. There are 15 missions in all. Clearing these assignments do not always reward cards unlike Minion Acquisition Mode. These missions are a bit tougher than the previous ones that require tasks such as destroying Shima within stricter time limits, performing a 200 hit combo, and defeating 10 opponents in a row without losing. Instead of focusing on your skills with minion usage, this mode focuses more on your skills with your commander character. Hints & Tips ° Do not attempt these Missions until you have unlocked a fair few of the Minion Cards, possibly after completing all Story Modes at least. ° A good recommended character to use for this achievement is Young Nurarihyon once you have unlocked him from Story Mode. Kubinashi is also effective for some of the Shima missions. ° Tsurara or Setsura are great for the defeat 5-10 opponent in a row missions. Just spam her Toward + Y ice attack and keep calling in your minions and attendants for easy wins. ° Experiment with different cards to find a deck that best works for your play style. To edit decks choose the option at the main menu with the 3 cards. ° Every time you successfully clear a Mission, a circular gold and orange kanji symbol will appear in the upper-right corner of the mission select menus when you highlight it to let you know that you have passed it. ° For the 200-hit combo mission, try using Hagoromo Gitsune's Ultimate Move along with the Tsuchigumo Minion Card to clear it easily. See the Youku links below for more details. With these things being considered, the purpose of this solution is not to provide a walkthrough, but rather, an overview and reference to a FAQ. The game is fully in Japanese kanji so figuring out what to do for each Mission can be troubling but there is a translated guide. For a full detailed guide to all 63 Missions in Tokoton Mode see ShinobiMuramasa's Nurarihyon no Mago: Hyakki Ryouran Taisen Mission FAQ. http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/639521-nurarihyon-no-mago-hyakki... Other Helpful Mission-Related Videos http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMzI4NzQyMTky/v.swf http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMzI4NzU2MTEy/v.swf http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMzI4NzU3MDg0/v.swf http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMzI4NDYwMTY0/v.swf http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMzI4NDY3MjY0/v.swf
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