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  1. This is happening way too much for me at the moment. I have contacted MS about this and they inform me that I have to just wait basically. So far in the past month or so I have had this for 1 achievement on 'Rocket League, Layers Of Fear and currently 1 achievement on N.E.R.O', I have also got 3 achievements stuck at 100% in 'Evolve' and also I met the Criteria for the last achievement in 'Tembo the Badass Elephant' and it never unlocked at all to this day. This really pisses me off as I have had to wait close to a month for some of these top unlock properly.
  2. Hey Maka, just a little tip you may want to point out. If you get the 'DEADGOA7' mutator along side the 'ANGEL GOAT' and 'DOUBLE JUMP', you can repeatedly hit the 'Y' button to make you goat kinda glide which gives you fantastic control over your goat allowing you to get to areas and collectible that are more tricky to access. Just a tip to add to yours which I found massively helpful. EDIT: Just found out that you do not need the DEADGOAT mutator and this can just be done with the ANGEL GOAT and DOUBLE JUMP mutators switched on.
  3. I am stuck with regards to getting 100% on this chapter as I am yet to see the challenge pop up to get cover kills during this mission and then when I look at my progress tracker it is un-ticked. Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. I have to say, I actually enjoyed this topic, some of the achievements and the titles are spot on...these are a little more like how alot of achievements should be...especially in replacement of those boring generic achievements i.e - get 100 kills with this weapon, get 100 kills with that weapon, get 100 kills with that weapon, come first place this, come first place that...you know the drill.
  5. Season pass is now at £5.00 in the UK. Not that i'm going to make a big deal of this but yesterday I just paid £6.60, cheeky little price reduction after just purchasing it.
  6. Yes I believe this is extremely true as I have had the treasure yeti appear all 3 times on the Garden Central map only. May be worth a try just loading that level over and over. Eggnogga, I had the treasure yeti appear for the first time and killed him then the game disconnected so I was unable to farm diamonds from him, but funnily enough i set up the game on the same map and had him that game too .
  7. Can anybody confirm whether the treasure yeti actually appears in private match on easy as this is getting tired and beyond a f**king joke now :/
  8. Great news on getting the top on one of the leaderboards...I too have had a few number 1 spots....I believe I still hold it for the first bonus level. Seem one or 2 of you guys up there in the top 5 along side myself. Enjoying this game loads for sure
  9. Anybody having major issues with trying to stay in a game right now? I have played about 3 games in the last 2 hours. I get about half way through and the little ATTENTION bar at the bottom of the screen pops up and then it boots me out.
  10. I too am enjoying this game atm. It's pretty challenging at times, especially when going for the 3 star ratings on all levels. I have 3 stars for the first 12 levels plus 2 bonus levels (14 in total). It's definitely a trial and error game where a lot of planning is needed, but i'd say if you love lemmings, then the price is about right...but that's just my opinion
  11. Hey man, i'm totally game for this....haha, funny enough my gamer tag is x2KraZe. I can create some insane redstone creations
  12. No unfortunately not. I sold my xbox 360 the day before xbox one was released and of course would never have guessed they'd be able to have save files transfer etc, so I just deleted. Its only mainly a few things in my map I'm gutted about losing, but i'm not gonna lose sleep over it, i'll get around to doing it all again as I never get board of this game.
  13. Damn! I knew this was going to be the case The endless hours I spent making those maps too....this upsets me. If I knew in advance that they would be able to do this, I would have made sure I had a copy of my saved file along time ago :/ Nevermind
  14. Ok, I assume for this that you will have to have the save file on a storage device of some sort? Am I correct? I sold my xbox 360 the day before I got the Xbox One and I formatted my x360 before selling it on, so I no longer have a hard copy of my Minecraft saves, does this mean i'm screwed and need to start again or is there something i'm missing? Any help will be much appreciated. Cheers in advance
  15. Yeah great guide man...i was using some of the information from the ps3 trophies page to get a rough idea of the achievements but found it had no structure, where as you have broken it down chapter by chapter. Great Stuff
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