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  1. By Odin.... are you serious? They have to bring back the DLC. Above and beyond all else they have to bring back the DLC. If I can get Magneto again and be able to save BOTH Nightcrawler and Jean Grey.... then I'll finally be content to go back to the game and it won't have to linger on the list of shame any more. PLEASE ODIN GRANT THIS TO US! I'd sacrifice my daughter to ensure it, but I think my ex-wife would object... and she is military now, so she could probably break me. Then all I'd need is a mod for Red Dead Redemption to let me go on a murder spree without an instant game over in order to make that game playable.
  2. Heh. I don't "collect" controllers per-se ... but for some stupid reason, whenever a controller has become even the slightest bit faulty (button a bit sticky or worn, analog stick misaligned, etc) I've gone and got new ones. Also went through quite a few rechargeable battery packs until they literally couldn't even work plugged in any more... I've kept an entire graveyard of half-dead controllers. What I was really getting to was that I only recently discovered that there were official wired controllers. I bought two of them. One of them has already got consigned to the graveyard since the A-button got something in it. I swear I'll have to clean it out at some point, but I don't have a screwdriver suitable to open it. So... do you have the black and white wired controllers too? Not sure if there are any other official wired ones... but it might be worth checking.
  3. The games I've sunk the most time in are probably Oblivion, Skyrim and Dragon's Dogma. But that is only because otherwise I'd have to choose from among all the Koei games I've played. I do like the Dynasty Warriors games. It disappoints me that the folks in Japan hate the Microsoft consoles though. Special Mention for the Fable games. Even Fable 3. As unpopular as the third in particular has been, I've had plenty of fun playing all of them. I just like the Lionhead humour, I admit. . It kinda bothers me that the single game I HATE more than any other has been voted by quite a few people as their favourite though.
  4. Obviously. I hate multiplayer achievements because they rely on other people, and if other people don't feel like helping me get them... then I won't be able to get them. Needless to say, PvP ones are worse than cooperative ones... and more common besides. Simply put... for most PvP achievements out there... I will not be able to get them unless I have someone DELIBERATELY losing to help me get them. Trying to seriously engage in PvP makes my entire body start shaking, my muscles start burning from the trembling, nausea, and eventually vomiting. It makes me want to break the fingers of the other participants. More particularly, it makes me want to castrate anyone who finds PvP enjoyable so as to purge that kind of mindset from the genepool and stop these sorts of things being made. I dream of a time where all games are single-player roleplaying games... where I no longer have to compete with disgusting meatbags just to stave off the shame of not having 100% on something.
  5. I would give my left kidney for the DLC for that to work again. I have the DLC files on my hard drive, but they were downloaded on my old account and don't work on my current one... and I can't download them because the license expired. That in and of itself wouldn't be a major issue... except for the whole bit where Magneto is required to save both Jean Grey and Nightcrawler, as memory serves... As it stands, that game is just a mark of shame for me now... because I made the fool mistake of getting ONE achievement on it... and I can't scrub it away. Complete Lady Macbeth fit ensued. v_v ... Anyway... my last 1000 was Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 ... again. I've got 100% on three games in the last few days.... but it will never scrub away the shame of Marvel Ultimate Alliance.
  6. Achievements have changed the way I play games in all sorts of annoying ways. In and of itself, the existence of Achievements made me start incessantly trying to collect them rather than just playing for fun. Collectibles were no longer optional. Playing without a collectible-guide in front of me at all times ceased to be an option... etc. But there was another point where my entire playstyle changed: The moment I discovered that awkward number that shows: Gamerpoints / Potential Gamerpoints ... i.e. The difference between the points I have accrued and the totals for all the games I've played. It has ruined me. I no longer merely play for achievements. I play for 100% completion alone. If I can't 100% a game (or if doing so involves going too far out of my comfort zone), I won't even put the disk in the drive. Even if I've shelled out the money to buy a game, there are some in my collection I will never EVER play because I can't 100% them. The worst thing is... there are some games I've already played that I'll never get 100% on. They're sitting there like cancer on my account. Things like the DLC achievements for Phantasy Star Universe, whose online servers have long since shut down (absurd, since the non-DLC cheevos were all offline ones). And that is without even mentioning that one game I realised in the first 15 minutes of play that I HATED beyond comprehension and refused to keep playing, but by that time I'd already got one achievement and couldn't delete the evidence.... OR the other game that requires DLC to get the good ending, but licensing problems have resulted in the DLC being withdrawn (and I actually have the DLC files on my hard drive, but can't use them as they were originally downloaded on another account), but again I'd got one achievement before I realised this... I feel a deep and unconquerable sense of shame every time I see them... sometimes physical sickness too. They are a constant reminder of my failure. ... Seriously... combining this sort of "feature" with OCD like mine was never going to be a good thing. I wish I could delete achievements. It would solve so much. As it stands, at some point I'm going to have to go back and somehow find a way to 100% Beautiful Katamari and Catherine... as well as quite a few others. This will be the death of me.
  7. My overall gamer point total isn't displaying what it should be, which is puzzling me... since I've double-checked all the individual games, and the totals for each game are correct... Specifically, I presently have a gamerscore of 44615. I've purposefully omitted 45 points worth of achievements on this site (two achievements I'm ashamed of and two I happened to have for other reasons and may add later). SO the total that should be displayed is 44570. My stats page says this: I have 1992 achievements with a total of 45310 points. It seems to be conjuring 560 points out of nothing. Just to repeat... the individual game totals match up exactly to what they should. The overall total is what is mysteriously exaggerating my gamerscore.
  8. Reaver Industries Perforator. To upgrade one all you need is a real estate empire and a few prostitutes. Dump money in and out of the treasury for the morality change. Repair houses for the money spend. Four prostitutes from Old Town and Merc Camp for the orgy. No combat required. No special timing. No faffing about with flourishes. No quests. No running about seducing villagers. You can get the whole thing done in a matter of minutes. It is literally THE easiest to upgrade... Only slightly more difficult if you're not already king / queen... in which case you're fine until killing innocents won't lower your morality any more.
  9. The first time I played through this game on my old Live account (the one that got banned), I managed all of the achievements except for Celestine's weapons. Apparently I'd missed one somewhere early in the game. I never did get 100% on it. Now I'm trying over. But as for the other weapon achievements... they either popped instantly or when I next saved. You do have to keep all the weapons in your inventory though. No selling. No losing.
  10. Grinding, I take it. I'm trying to get it WITH the overpowered DLC weapons... just... well... because. Not sure how far I will have got by the end of the game, but I'm just about to return to Highwind Island and I haven't even got 100 yet. Still, I found out that Zephie and Celestine can pretty much just chill out at Abazet Port and get Chain Breaks on their own. LONG way toward 500 though. I might end up having to switch to weaker weapons just to make this less of an infernal grind. [Edit]: And I have reason to believe that the Chainbreak achievement is NOT tied to a particular playthrough... but tracked by the system. I say this because before going to Ruhalt Basin (and shortly after getting the 100 Chainbreaks), I went gallivanting about the continent grinding Chain Breaks and collecting the first two royal thingies for Zephie. Just as I was getting through to Ruhalt Basin (having gone through the Oldfox Canyon, back through the starter field, through the undersea tunnel, Cota Mare and then back into... that other place), one of Celestine's specials glitched up (endlessly repeating the starting segment) and forced me to reset the console. It put me right back to Cota Mare before the royal seal thingies.... SO I decided to just get those and double back to get to Ruhalt Basin the short way.... and within the first 5 minutes of Ruhalt Basin I saw the 300 Chainbreaks pop... which would be impossible if it had been tracking on the savegame since technically, in-game I'd not done even close to 200 Chainbreaks since the 100 cheevo popped. tl;dr version : Did a lot of grinding. Glitched. Lost a lot of progress. The Chainbreaks "lost" still counted. So.... I assume this probably means that if one doesn't reach 500 by the end of the game, it is entirely plausible to just start over or reload an earlier save and just get the rest that way.
  11. I'd probably change my mind twice on the order of this in the next 5 minutes if given a chance... BUT since I just finished getting 100% on Dark Souls.... I can safely say that I never want to play it again. It was like pulling teeth. I only did it because someone said that, despite the game being difficult, the achievements were easy. Collecting ALL the rare weapons... not so much. So yeah. #1. Dark Souls. Besides that.... #2. All the Call of Duty / Modern Warfare / Halo / Team Fortress / random-G.I.Joe-with-gun games. Seriously... what the hell? The popularity of this trash with PvPtards is screwing up the entire gaming industry. I played the first three Halo games back on my old Live account. Only the single-player campaigns though. Wasn't gonna mingle with the PvPtards. Funny thing is, though the 3rd was kinda fun in places, it kinda bothered me that by playing through the entire campaign I only got a single 5-point achievement. Like where the hell were all the achievements? Oh right. PvP. Idiots shooting other idiots with guns. Once you've seen one hyperactive psychopath bounce out of nowhere, unload in your head and then teabag your corpse, you've seen them all. #3. World of Warcraft. I was a Guild Wars player. Heck, I was a primarily PvE Guild Wars player. Most of the time I was a solo player. Why? Everyone else was playing WoW. Oh, I looked that way once or twice, but everything I saw disgusted me. Eventually I moved to Mabinogi instead. No luck teaming up with anyone there either. Everyone was playing WoW. ¬_¬ #4. Guitar Hero / whatever music peripheral game. Just... no. Listen if you want to listen. Get a real instrument if you want to play. I just can't even begin to understand the appeal of this trash. Casual-gamer crap, no doubt. #5. Grand Theft Auto series ... While the very first game and its retro London side-shots were pretty cool... everything since then... not so much. At least Bully was pretty cool... but nobody even considered keeping THAT going.
  12. So is your life, but you'd probably sooner complain if things go wrong than off yourself. This ain't so qualitatively different. I'm not gonna automatically give up just because I resent ending up in these sorta situations. You like being forced to do unpleasant things? Apparently some people like being tied up and whipped too... but I still reckon that's just creepy.
  13. Dynasty Warriors 6. Again. The trouble with having my old Gamertag banned from Live is that I'm compelled to spend all my time trying to regain all the old 100%s I used to have. Now taking a break from all the Deus Ex strife by playing Dynasty Warriors 7... Random Fact : My old account got banned WHILE I was playing Warriors Orochi 3... so yeah... most of what I do is Koei.
  14. I go by "SotiCoto" most places. However THAT account got banned from XBox Live because I tampered with the little number for how long I'd had Gold for... without realising that it was an instant bannable offense. ¬_¬ A few places I registered the account "Roman Holiday", generally in response to being banned for stupid reasons... but it turns out that name was taken in some places. A little TOO common perhaps... and often for completely innocent reasons, which annoys me even more, as it was a euphemism for colosseum blood-sports. So instead I opted to use "The Debauchery" as my annoyance-backup... symbolic of nothing more than my penchant for revelling in gore and ultraviolence.
  15. Yeah. Because someone at Microsoft thought it'd sound cool. NOT due to the word's meaning having much significance in the matter... unless you consider it an achievement on the part of the game creators to make gamers jump through pointless hoops. Honestly, the whole system just exists to ensure gaming remains an e-p33n contest. I dunno about you, but making things competitive just tends to put me off.
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