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  1. If you want to team up some time I'm willing to play. show you all my spots to get super fast camera coins;)
  2. for the most part it is a 1 shot from the hip up. from far away I say 100+m its only 1 shot if there weak or you hit them in the head. the range is not that great at all. the scout elite with a suppresser has more range then this. its more of a close to mid-range sniper. its fun to use. I say 70-80% its a 1 shot
  3. hey guys/girls! just thought I would share my montage I just made. have a look. (please don't post badly) Enjoy the video
  4. Looking to do Polyamory. I'm online right now and will be online for awhile. Gt= LxEPiCxBEASTxL
  5. Lookin for 3 hour achievement, can help with other achievements if you need them. Message me. Online right now
  6. That's how I feel, matchmaking should always be there for a second option. I don't care if you have 10 friends that play this game, what happens when you really wanna do a raid and you only have 2 of your friends on...go on the forums and find someone there?.. you shouldn't have to do that, the way they were doing it at first was so wrong. not everyone of your friends plays at the same time let alone 5, maybe some of you do but 90% says they dont.... idk why people are bitching about them changing this, and yes this is a FIX...look on the bungie website, dumbing it down though is stupid, but I guess that's what hard mode is for, but now you can get matched up with randoms, see how they play, if there good...get them in your squad to run hard raids.... so much more beneficial! Thank you Bungie!
  7. here you go guys! http://www.forbes.com/sites/insertcoin/2014/08/03/the-solution-to-destinys-friends-only-raid-problem/
  8. I wanna just play the shit out of the game, all this extra dlc you get for pre orders/ exclusive time bonuses 95% of the time are trash... use It once and you already find something better. The extra missions on the other hand, now that's a little bs...but fuck it. Playstation needs something exclusive right! LMFAO!!! I can't wait to play this and all the other games coming out in October so so so many in 1 giving time!!!
  9. Looking for some help with 6 Wins against 6 different characters. Gt= lxEPiCxBEASTxl
  10. Looking for someone to do Co op on hardest difficulty in one go...I know the game, I'm not a noob, Send me a message on xbl if you would like to get this done fast...Also can help boost the ribbons if needed. I'm online most of the time so hit me up!
  11. For real. It happens from time to time.. but for the people that can't find rooms they shouldn't have a problem tomorrow when all of us U.S peeps get on.
  12. You guys do know that there's a 10gb update coming out on the 1st that fixs alot of them problems right?.. My bad wrong thread...I meant that for the xbox one side of things...sucks you guys over on 360 are having so much problems though.
  13. Well I guess I'm not right/ neither are you until we test it out. I have a dummy account I will try it on right now... since I know the game pretty well it won't be a problem testing this. I can twitch this if you like. I will also record the whole 5 games. Edit: ok I just tried that out won all 5 that fast lol. 2 TKOs and 3 knockouts. .. it did not unlock... weird. I know 100% sure when I unlocked it the first time, I had 2 TKOs...well I guess you would say 4 cuz of body blows.
  14. That KO in last round doesn't work in career For some odd reason. If you have an extra controller that one can be self boosted. Same with the cage kick KO never popped in career for me...did it twice, then played quick match with 2 controllers, popped right away. If you don't have an extra controller I'm more then willing to help you get those achievements. Message me any time. I have the game maxed so I'm just in it to help you guys out.
  15. I have seen the game go on sale a week after the xbox one launched. I think there was also a 10% discount on the season pass at one point. I never buy there dlc like never!...but I will say that next call of duty looks good imo. ..it looks different...like really different! !!
  16. If TKOs don't count how did I get the achievement to unlock by ground and pounding 2 of my 5? Mind you...it said TKO on screen them 2 times. There was for me 2 TKOs 1 knockout to the head and 2 Knockouts from body blows. So unless I'm cheating and I don't even know it. TKOs count
  17. I got 2 TKOs out of my 5...by jumping on top of them after being knocked down...and my achievement unlocked
  18. I think you can only use your created Fighter in unranked and rivals games
  19. I did it all achievements unlocked! Good luck to the rest of you!
  20. Same here I played the same person 3 times in a row...wasn't boosting...playing in light heavyweight with 202 other people.
  21. I think it's because there doing the real prizes in them tournaments. Or maybe there trying to get out of that worst gaming company in America status lol.
  22. Everyone...Use Ronaldo Souza for the submission season achievement...dude is a beast. I used him to get my achievement! Jon jones for Knockout season.
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