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  1. Still works, that is one messed up glitch
  2. Thanks for the tip, i am not liking this game i like rc pro am 2 much better
  3. Cheer for this ive just used it to get this achievement and thats all i could play i cant handle the jumping of that guy
  4. Its so hard :mad: EDIT: Of course i've just done it lol
  5. Just start a new game and go make a drink while the intro is playing then cheat to get all achievements they are easy to get
  6. Thank you so much for this any idea how to get the hold all items one?
  7. favourite : - rusty bucket bay worst :- Freezeezy Peak
  8. banjo kazoie conkers bad fur day perfect dark perfect dark zero And ive been waiting to play banjo tooie for a while
  9. Thats not right I have used the cheat code for chapters and I have just beat all the bosses and the achievements popped up
  10. I got pissed of with the rats that i done the glitch where you beat the first rat up so it ends the game, fuck that level and level 11 was even worse but pausing round ever corner helped:woop:
  11. Do cheats disable achievements?
  12. Thanks for the guide working on kill 1500 enemies now
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