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  1. Also changes a couple golden egg levels to the orginal levels that you can actually gain a star on. New achievements imbound with Mango update next month?
  2. Looking to boost online achivements mainly Uno Shark. Online a lot of the time just add me: GT: TCLCloud
  3. Yet to start multiplayer if anyone wants to pick this up, wouldn't mind some help going through a few co-op levels after too online now and all day! GT: TCLCloud
  4. Anyone looking to do online achievements just add me: GT: TCLCLOUD
  5. Any tips for the Pull the Trigger achievement that isnt exploiting the trial version?
  6. Hi all! Willing to trade with a female character as I need the queens outfit/Women's Masquerade Suitand would be willing to trade the male versions too. Also need the conception over xbox live one and legendary weapons if you wanna let me raid your shops in game! I'm willing to help out on any other achievements too so just add me: TCLCloud
  7. Achievement: Glitched Doors Opened before downloading content: 4/7 Was the new Demon Door the last one you opened: No Did you have the new DLC storyline finished: Yes Completed all new DLC and did Demon Door then went back and did Mistpeak and finally Millfields, had been counting 6/7 for me in game but last one opened and nothing happened. Joy, thanks alot Lionhead who I have bought every product you have ever made, really screwed us all over.....again.
  8. Add me if you like GT: TCLCloud Added a few of you guys anyone else post their tag i'll add you too.
  9. I'll do your 6.5 mil mate if you can help me get the outfits/weapons in the future
  10. Need help with online ones and weapon/clothing ones if anyone can help will be willing to return the favour!
  11. Thanks might have another quick go before work now i've calmed down!
  12. Besides from being the most annoying DLC for a game ever, stupid beeping collar, mystery poison gas, etc I'm getting a little stressed out at this and don't really wanna have to get into a lawsuit because I have a heart attack due to high blood pressure from this game (not that I would be able to anything you download you dont actually have many rights for at all!) But anyway if someone could explain what to do in the vault, a room getting to it, got 3 holograms in, a few computer terminals, one shuts of the alarm but thats it none to shut down the forcefield to allow me though. Must have wondered around several times and I believe thrown my controller around equally as many times so any help would be fantastic! The guide on fallout wikia is useless as its wrong I have checked it and no one has a complete video guide up yet just the first 3 missions. So anyone who has done it and can tell me what to do would be awesome, thanks!
  13. Its completely pathetic that they can release this and charge this much for something so bad. For someone to basically just take all the work from Fallout 3, mix the story up, add some more glitches and then ship out this piss poor DLC is a disgusting and I will not be buying anymore.
  14. Just other emotes in the game. I dunno what the Ilo Milo/Raskulls ones do though...
  15. I have 99% so just message me if you want the achievement and the items towards the other one.
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