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  1. Well, I've slept for two weeks or so, and when I realize the competition is over. For me, overall was cool but compete with guys like Puppy and JewishHulk was insane, at begging the gap wasn't too big, but in end... And with this competition I've learned that there are two games when I finish I won't come back: Metal Slug X (I hate those mummies) Hello Neighbor (I've already spent 6 hours and no cheevos yet)
  2. I was wondering, If I start to play AC Odyssey today, can I get 1000G until Sunday?
  3. Hey guys, Could someone lend me Forza Apex Premium game or it save? I discovered it from the hardest way that without Premium Edition I couldn't get Spotlights achievements anymore. OBS: I don't intend ask your password, to avoid problems with XBA or XBL rules.
  4. Is not there anymore, i think this game still available to play through xCloud, but I don't how this works and if we can connect with other players streaming the game.
  5. Hey guys, I don't know if this is the right place, but could someone help me with The Tower of the Elephant achievement on Conan Exiles?
  6. I can't get him anymore, 24k is almost insane:
  7. Edweirdd already with 1K, you all are fast as a lightning.
  8. Something between 3~5k? This gif illustrate what I'm said to myself when I saw your message, cause for me 2k would be suitable:
  9. Late, but not too late Team Name: Cheevos 1313 Gamertag: Yatogami Forum Name: Yatogami Gamertag: NShepherd N7 Forum Name: NShepherd N7
  10. When people ask what I'm still doing here:
  11. Its the first time that I try to join to this challenge, if you want an extra member in your team, PM me.
  12. Yup, just log in your main account and download the game that u want, after that just log out from your main account and log in your second account and enjoy. I hope be helpfull.
  13. Please add: Iris.Fall (font: news.xbox)
  14. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  15. Do you remember Shovel Knight? The Windows 10 Edition was announced in 2015 and took TWO YEARS to game be finally released, so this could be quickly or slowly port. There are other titles eg Divity that til' today wasn't released.
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