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  1. Fifth slowest 50,000. Actually enjoyed a lot of the games I've played recently though, so maybe I'm changing (I'm not).
  2. Did it tonight, managed to blast through and miss the sweet 600,000 on the nose though. GT: Gizmo2k Forum Name: Gizmo2k Milestone: 600,000 Link to Live Profile: https://account.xbox.com/Profile?Gamertag=Gizmo2k
  3. Few more. I'll edit it if I get any other new ones. Who appeared on the Daily Show? Gorbachev Who was sworn in on January 20th, 1980? Reagan Who recorded an album of romantic ballads? Gorbachev
  4. Haha, USB3 powered is never going to be good tbh.
  5. Yeah, I'm thinking shit HDD too. About 30-35 hours with Doom, no issues at all. And I never hard turn off the console either and the extremal HDD has never given me any issues. Buy quality once, or shit quality repeatedly. Easy choice.
  6. To confirm; using the heart still allows you to unlock the no powers run. Seems obvious really
  7. Thanks for the reply. I don't think it will either, as it clearly states a 'no powers' option when refusing the Mark from the Outsider, then gives the heart from 'the other dude' (no spoilers) so I thought I was good anyway.
  8. As per the title, can't seem to find an answer to this. I've just gone and got the 40 listens achievement on my ghosting + no powers play through, now I'm worried I've humped it already.
  9. NP, made a mental note to remember it, only purple one I'd seen. Lonely Basin 99% is so much fun :/ Hope I get Tassie's luck and mine pops in a day or two for, well, no reason Done The Cradle (legit since I didn't do the North West corner FL1-R trick before they nixed it). 71% on Shifting Sands, finishing that tomorrow night, I hope. Also, my money has stopped tracking, it's at 59%, has been for a long, long time, anyone else experience this?
  10. In The Warren, the room with the red barrier on the door, can't remember how far into the area it is though.
  11. Or me. At 99% in Lonely Basin and I think i've got rock/sand blindness now. I guess digging up parts doesn't count?
  12. I had exactly the same problem with this boss. Just wouldn't 'reel' in the core, had to wait until I got hit to break the stalemate. I hard reset console, same thing, reinstalled, same thing. No idea how it unfucked itself, I think in a rage I may have hammered every button, wasn't until the very last boss fight in the game that it mentions hitting LB. Try that when you've started the extraction, it may have been what did it for me at the time. Feel your pain though. I ranted on my TA feed and sent several friends messages, then it worked. Worth a shot. TL;DR Try hitting LB just as the extraction starts.
  13. Gizmo2k

    Game Currency

    Installing Corebot parts uses up some. Other than that, no idea, not run out, so don't care at the moment
  14. Just 1000'd this and my jesus god of fuckery that tank level was a bitch. The timed ones on Russia are brutal. All of them. Every. Single. Timed. Part. Even the one where you had to turn off the gas in time, short section, but doing that without getting detected.... Definitely the 'hardest' game of the three. As others have said the time sections really left me feeling angry at the series and dubious if I'll play another one, if they do it. Order of ease: India, China.......................................................RUSSIA. Saying that, I personally felt the stealth parts were the absolute best. Think MGS with timings. Spot on, or you're seen. As it should be, IMHO.
  15. Definitely got 'Body Found Alert' in the first and second sniping pieces (a few times each one), thought I'd carry on anyway, tracker still moved on 10% at the end of the mission.
  16. This. Bastard. Level. Same points as you, lost my combo, every time. Every time. Would love to know this killing things glitch people have found. No cards used and top of leaderboards, doing my nut.
  17. US or Euro servers? I'm Ebonheart. Also, how can I un-vampire myself? Might bite a back up character on another gamertag so I can do it late to myself via a friend
  18. Loads of people, me included, have had this for days: http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/xbox_one_support/f/4274/t/1892253.aspx?pi7962=1 MS are completely more than useless in updating us/fixing it, it seems.
  19. http://www.bungie.net/pubassets/29078/queens_wrath_details.jpg Not much variety really
  20. Got a Legendary chest piece, twice, slightly different strength/intelligence stats. My buddy got a cape and a helmet. Where there's luck involved, I'll ALWAYS get the shitty end of the stick.
  21. So when's reset in British (with or without Scotland) time/day?
  22. I didn't play the original releases either. All my friends seem to have started LL first, so I thought it was just me.
  23. I've started Metro 2033 first (obviously) and the first thing I noticed is that I needed subtitles on or I didn't hear a word. Unless, I soon realised, I move my head AWAY from whomever was talking. Then there were no bullet fire shot sounds. Again, I figured it's because I'm not meant too, or something, but no, my sound is off, by about 1/3 of a 'headturn' in game. Ambient sounds are just as off, I have to have them almost off screen to hear them as if I were looking at them. I hope that makes sense and someone can confirm they've got the same issues. I had a 4gb day one update and a tiny one just then, but I don't know what that addressed, if anything, since I've only started it tonight, but installed it on launch day.
  24. Thought it was just me not being able to multiply 20 by 2. Shame it's not working, any free boost up in the level is well appreciated
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