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  1. The redbox website can be kind of funky when it comes to X1 games. Try this link: http://www.redbox.com/browse/xboxone-games
  2. Sorry, I wish I had a solution for you. I was having achievements not unlock for this game, but it was because of the MS server issues that were happening a week or 2 ago. It's also strange that in your case these 2 achievements should have unlocked WAY early in the game (well, teleporter is a few missions in I believe). You said you reinstalled the game, but did you try replaying it at least up until you remove and teleport for the first time? Shouldn't take too long since you don't need to grab collectibles. Good luck, hope it works out for you!
  3. The title screen for this game kind of threw me off - it looked pretty goofy. But once you get into the meat of the gameplay it's a lot of fun. Reminds me a lot of SotN and other Metroid-vania type games.
  4. Hey all, just wanted to let anyone know that's on the fence about getting this game that I just managed to get the 1000g on this game for only $2. This week Redbox was running a promotion where your first night game rental is free. So I searched for Xbox One games on the Redbox site and they had Murdered at a box pretty close to me. I could have actually finished this up in the initial free rental period, but I went to the Jaguars/Bears game Thursday night, so I ended up paying $2 to get the full 1000g on this game. Redbox doesn't have many One games, but if you want to save yourself $38 I recommend seeing if they have a copy in a box near you.
  5. Thanks a ton RM for putting this together. I played the game without a guide up until Judgement House and having the individual collectibles time-linked on the youtube videos really saved me the trouble of checking EVERY location just to mop up the few I had remaining.
  6. Was it showing up under your "Side Cases" pause menu that it was collected? If so, checking that might have saved some undue headache.
  7. They're on the wall, you have to hit RT to reveal then X to collect. The Top left one is on the inside of that room with the 2 red dots. Also, thanks for these maps, helped a lot. Way better than having to pause and play a video.
  8. I also got it for the $3.74 deal. I was looking for a copy for months, found one in a local shop but they wanted $18. Always gotta check those weekly deals!
  9. If anything wait til it goes on sale. It's a fun little game, could have been 100x better with local coop. It gets really repetitive just playing single player.
  10. Heh, I'm working on the same game as you. I did notice that although they weren't popping, the achievement app was tracking them so they should unlock once MS updates the servers or whatever. Of course, now the achievement app won't load for me at all. Hopefully fixed by the morning.
  11. Thanks for the info, actually just picked up Murdered: SS from redbox so I'll be focusing on that right now, but might go for this game in the near future.
  12. Yep, I've experienced it crashing twice now after I've completed a level. It looks like it's about to go to the summary scene but then crashes to the desktop / home menu. Pretty annoying having to do the levels over again after beating them. Probably not going to play this one for a bit until they patch it. Kind of ridiculous considering the license (Halo). I've also had problems with achievements for beating the operations unlock.
  13. It seems to be a system-wide problem, not limited to just DR3. I've had problems with Max and Halo: SA - achievements not unlocking until several days later. Apparently it has to do with Mircosoft servers not updating. Hopefully a fix is coming soon, for all titles.
  14. I was thinking about picking this up because of the low price and the 'easy' 1000g, but I was wondering if it's really all that easy or not. I remember thinking I could finish the first Geometry Wars in a few nights but man that game gets crazy difficult at higher levels. For those that have played both, how does that game compare to Sixty Second Shooter?
  15. Definitely Max. Besides maybe Guacamelee the rest of the games are pretty subpar. There's a reason they're "free". Especially SSZ - the graphics look like they're from a PS2 game.
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