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  1. GT: ShadowRaven1984 I have images and tuneup. Will return the favor. Thanks so much in advanced.
  2. Looking for a boosting buddy in every x1 game starting with killer instinct and future games. I'm willing to deticate myself fulltime for this, so I expect the same or close to it. GT: ShadowRaven1984
  3. I'm currently looking for a boosting partner. We will be boosting everything from rounds/150 titles to ranked matches. I have a method that will work ranked wise. Reply with gamertags please.
  4. Ok cool, thanks guys. The only chivo that has me OCDing is the 200 trials. I did a bunch already and still haven't touched the 100 trails. Anyone know a quick way for the trails? Glitch/cheat wise also.
  5. Is there a method you can let it play out overnight? I'm not looking forward into grinding 1000 matches legit. If not, is there a fast way to finish rounds? Like if you quit out, does it count?
  6. Did they patch it so that you can't keep replaying the 1st one to unlock the achievement?
  7. 2 weeks later?, Ouch. Anyways thanks for everything, hope for the best for everyone else getting glitched achievements.
  8. Update: Good news, I just randomly got the achievement. I was editing some gameplay videos while on upload studio. All of a sudden I got the stylish orchid achievement unlock. Very weird, but atleast I got it haha. My guess is that eventually glitched achievements randomly unlock.
  9. So In short..I won't ever be able to 1000 ki?
  10. Thanks for the reply. Do you think if I delete my gt/ki and redownload, would it fix the issue? Will that also restart my rounds played etc?
  11. I bought orchid outfit #3 and chivo didnt pop. Achievement progress for that chivo is stuck at 100% but not unlocking. Any word on a workaround? Or a patch incoming?
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