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  1. "He also has a problem with hiccups so do not scare him or you will lose little bit of dialogue." But there is a sidequest called Hiccup Cure that you do to cure his hiccups. Why would you lose dialogue for starting that? I just don't really understand the whole dialogue thing.
  2. I know the "soft shutdown" has caused issues for achievements and glitches in other games (looking at you Stardew Valley) so that may be part of the issue. Thanks for the input.
  3. I haven't started the game yet but thanks for the heads up man! For those of us just starting, would you suggest just playing the game offline from the start in order to get those achievements out of the way and then go online for all of them to pop?
  4. I just had this same issue happen to me today while playing Beyond Good and Evil. I unlocked my last 4 achievements, saved my game, went back to the main game menu, then dashboarded and exited the application (game). Later I got on to find out those 4 cheevo's didn't show as being unlocked. WTH??? Hopefully they unlock later when I boot it up cause I really don't want to have to play through the whole game again....
  5. You're probably better off setting up a session on Trueachievements.com to find players for a game this old. People check for gaming sessions for old games in their backlogs on that site all the time. People who haven't finished the game will rarely check a forum as old as this one. Good luck.
  6. Just focus on regen challenges. Those are all you need to complete to rank up. As far as attachments go, I would personally wait until Gen 8 or Gen 9. Those two by far take the longest amount of time to complete so you will have plenty of time to collect all the attachments. But Gen 1 would work too I guess if you're still in the single digit levels as you get no XP multiplier in Gen 1 so it takes a bit to get to lvl50. But still not nearly as long as it will take to get 100 wins at Gen 8 or especially 50 MVP's at Gen 9 if you're not an expert player. And unfortunately for you, playing the game now, most of the people left still playing it are probably the really good players so MVP's may be even harder to come by. Good luck mate.
  7. I'd be down. I never did get around to doing this last year. GT: DudleytheWINO Just shoot me a LIVE message sometime. I'm usually on after 8pm CST on weekdays and randomly on the weekends.
  8. I'm assuming that's a coding error on Ubisoft's part then? I sure hope so and hope that they will fix it soon. And the server's still suck too. Ubisoft needs to just disappear and let better game companies take the reign of their IP's.
  9. I believe the top challenge in your list resets every 24 hours, the 2nd one down resets every 48, the 3rd every 72, etc etc.
  10. Just started playing the game recently. If anyone wants to boost this please let me know. GT: DudleytheWINO
  11. After the PVZ:GW2 announcement at E3 I got excited about playing this again. If anyone wants to party up here's my GT: DudleytheWINO I can help you get some achievements as well if you're looking to do those. I have all of mine complete.
  12. Looking for someone to run through the game on co-op and do TIR. GT: DudleytheWINO
  13. I haven't played this in a while and I'm just playing for fun and looking to wrap up a few of the last DLC achievements. I was wondering if anyone wanted to just play for fun and coins? Shoot me a msg. GT: DudleytheWINO
  14. Better for abilities? What do you mean? And are the swords actually better for crits? I thought that was all dependent on what materials you made the weapon with. And I think some swords and axes both have leather slots (at least in their hilts/handles) to increase cunning and/or crit%. And I think that axes are way faster than swords, which would make sense as that would be the case in real life as well. They weigh less and aren't as long as swords so you can swing them quicker. But since swords are heavier and a bit slower, they tend to dole out more damage per swing, just not quite as much literal DPS. That's my understanding of it at least. I could be mistaken though.
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