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  1. I think Sleeping Dogs is one of the first decent games they have given free with gold. . . I played through this entire game in one sitting, I loved it. Sleeping Dogs was one of the first open world RPG games I have ever played
  2. I know everyone is going to hate me for this one . . . Oblivion Everyone seems to looovveee this game, but I really did not enjoy it
  3. I really enjoyed playing on Your Shape Fitness and Nike + Training they were both pritty good
  4. Been looking at a few online but not sure which one to get >?
  5. Just purchased Batman: Arkham City . . . And was just wondering if your guys thought the first or second one was better. . . Not sure if I made the right decision
  6. Harry Potter is definitely the better book. . . But I have to admit, Twilight was like crack to the 13 year old me
  7. I'm currently trying to get through the first Game Of Thrones book, It taking me awhile though. . . Its kinda intimidating
  8. 1. The Wolf Among Us 2. Dust 3. GTA 5 4. BATTLE BLOCK THEATRE 5. Bioshock Infinite
  9. 1. The Walking Dead 2. Game of Thrones 3. An Idiot Abroad 4. American Horror Story 5. Teen Wolf <~~ Guilty Pleasure
  10. 1.Stewie 2.Brian 3.Peter 3.Tricia Takanawa 4.Louis 5.Quagmire
  11. Hi everyone just wanted to say hello from the UK :dance:
  12. Hi guys just wondering what are some of your favourite ENG dubbed animes ??? I've watched Fairy Tail and Death note and loved them
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