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  1. Hello Everyone if you clicked this Thread you know what this Is about. I need to get 3 friends to play in a game with me to unlock this achievement. We could help each other out quick. if you want to message me My GT is wamblingocean86. But if I already got this achievement. i'll help other out for awhile. I need help plz help me with this achievement plz and thank you.
  2. Hello People I need help with the tournament mission. If you would plz help me my gamertag Is Wamblingocean86
  3. I need help with the rank multiplayer achievement can anyone high then me. Let me win 1 rank match I want to get the achievements over with. My GT is wamblingocean86. Plz and thank you
  4. WamblingOcean86


    Hello Everybody I'm looking for co-op partners I want to get all co-op achievements. We could help each other out. once the game comes out free. Message me on my xbox my GT is wamblingocean86.
  5. Hello everyone I am looking for help with someone to help me with the multiplayer achievements on red faction guerrilla. If you help me i'll help you If you would like to help me my GT is WamblingOcean86. Plz and thank you
  6. I need help with the online achievements in GTA IV I want to get all multiplayer achievements if someone can help me out that would be really awesome and I could help you with the achievements also. Plz and thank you my Gt is WamblingOcean86
  7. Hello I need band mates in Rock Band. I want to get those world tour achievement but nobody plays anymore. I might got one but he won't play until September. I thinks he plays guitar I play guitar too so maybe we need drums or a singer. My GT is WamblingOcean86.
  8. Hello everyone i'm looking for team-mates. To play rock band 1 with i'm going to be the guitarist. I need bass drum and singer idk if I can just have two people playing not a full group. My GT is WamblingOcean86 plz help me. Thank you
  9. hey want to join me we can both start over to lvl 1 and beat DR2 co-op my gt is wamblingocean86 text me there
  10. I'm looking for a co-op partner in Dead Rising 2 I want to play the whole game in co-op of course trying to get that achievement I will start over so we both can be lvl 1. My GT is wamblingocean86 i'm not a annoying little kid so don't worry I would like to play the game for real no goofing off. If you want to play message me on x-box only
  11. Hello I am looking for a co-op parter in Diablo 3. I restarted the game I am at LvL 9 Difficulty Hard. If you want to join me Gt WamblingOcean86 I also want to get to LvL 60 and Play all difficulty.
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