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  1. My most recent completion was The Wolf Among Us. Fables is an amazing comic and I highly suggest it to anyone looking for a good read.
  2. Hey guys, so I seem to be having trouble with uvhm and finishing tier 3 twelve oclock mission with the buzzards in the campaign of carnage. If anyone could dupe me one or two legendaries or an amazing corrosive weapon that would be fan-freaking-tastic. I live in canada in atlantic time (-4) and shall be on xbl tomorrow around noon. Gamertag : The Data Bug
  3. Almost done this flipping game but I cant finish Tier 3 battle: Twelve O'clock High.. Im playing as level 51 kreig and went through the DLC on normal, impossible for me to even kill the damn buzzards to begin with. I live in New Brunswick canada (Atlantic time -4) and am usually on.. anytime really. If anyone could help me out with this mission that would be great! Gamertag: The Data Bug
  4. Loved how this amazing game was free!
  5. I tried again today and got to 78% and lost my flipping mind.
  6. Definitely play the first one beforehand if you can.
  7. The collectibles can be obtained either with chapter select or new game +, it wont matter how you get them really. Only downside is regardless of choice, all of the collectibles you've got thus far respawn, so It's hard to figure out what you have missed.
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