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  1. Finally got Heads Up in Forza Horizon 4 for winning an Eliminator game without getting a car drop (so 100% in the game now). Lucked out and beat a guy in Level 8 Audi R8 with a crappy little Mini right before the Final Showdown
  2. Wow, haven't updated in a long time... here we go, oldest to newest since my last update: Rain on Your Parade: Great game. Funny, fun, and pretty quick and easy completion. The Touryst: Fun little puzzle game, although a couple mechanics were frustrating. Omno: Another fun, easy, and relaxing little Indie game. I liked the art style. Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection: The grind was real with this one.. (TA Ratio of 6.603 for a reason) Maneater: Loved this game. Keeping my eyes open for the DLC going on sale. Grounded: Playing this with a buddy and having a great time. Still go back to this frequently even with 100% completion Carto: Puzzle game with a pretty unique mechanic that I was a fan of. art of rally: Indie racing game. Art style is nice, though car handling felt a little weird and an unnesseccary grind was required for the last achievement
  3. Started the grind (though, not really a grind when every second is enjoyed) of Forza Horizon 5. Like the previous installments, absolutely gorgeous game, great car handling. 10/10 recommend. Additionally, I'm going back and completing the campaigns for DOOM (2016) and Battlefield 4, both which I started long ago and never finished.
  4. Awesome thanks for the update with all these new features it's understandable that there's been some issues. Hopefully people bringing them forward will help get this site running perfectly and grow in the future
  5. I'll one up you: for the third time, Canadians elected a Prime Minister that wears blackface and sexually assaults women
  6. Super small, anyone have issues with certain games not tracking? eg. for me Grounded is still tracking manually
  7. Awesome, it all looks great congrats to everyone involved in making this happen. Is there any way of seeing other people's "Max Club" section for some friendly competition? EDIT: Nvm I figured it out
  8. I've never done Fantasy Football but I'll give it a go!
  9. Finally finished Destroy All Humans! Getting 3 stars on the challenges was a huge pain in the ass lol
  10. Wow that looks really good! Looking forward to seeing it implemented here too
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