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  1. Ahhh...RB was telling me I had nothing selected. So cycling through using the d-pad was the problem. Thanks guys
  2. So...am probably being incredibly stupid but how do you use firecrackers? I only get the option to press Y to destroy or B to cancel. No X to Use like every other item has. Am stuck rescuing Jacob as I cant fill the distraction bar!!
  3. late to the party with this but feel free to add me... https://www.facebook.com/gabbafiend
  4. No local only...unless its a really well hidden option
  5. Worked a treat...got my level 5 and 6 escapes with ease!! Thought that cheev was going to really be a killer!! Now if only I could remember the way to get to that point during some of the ambush missions i would be set!
  6. A 'friend' of mine was having the same problem until he chose another car, as the spot was for the same car he was driving and didn't appear. Found the last one straight away after being pretty annoyed for a while. Was a friend though and definitely NOT me
  7. I got the clue this had been patched when I noticed 3 people had disappeared from my friends list...they must be the only 3 people I had better scores than Might go back and mop up the last few now...
  8. Another one in need of 3 hugs and professer portal. Still have the course 4 without dying cheev to do too if anyone is still out there who can help tag is Baron Sqwelch
  9. I am up for this too...have added/messaged a few of you but anyone else feel free to send a challenge. Can I ask for an area other than frozen waterfall tho please? GT is Baron Sqwelch
  10. its on the marketplace at 1200 at the moment so unlikely I will get it unless the trial is amazing. unless the price is an error and will be fixed later?
  11. 33 hours and 44 mins to the 1000g...just used the plastic surgery option for the man/woman cheev. I did use a city takeover upgrade on Loren Square tho.
  12. snatch was hardest for me...stupids hos wouldnt get in the car. then a brute would throw a car and kill them! none were stupidly tough tho imo
  13. the cheev for finishing with one lifeline wont unlock for me...very annoying. used the standard in/out of the achievement menu and have done it 3 times using different lifelines and still no good!!
  14. You are safe picking up a pre-owned GOTY edition as the DLC is on the disk have it and am suprised how enjoyable it is!!
  15. 1400...never saw the other one. good job as the extra 200 would have tempted me into buying the wrong one
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