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  1. ImAPirateSoSueMe


    Physical release in UK, sadly.. I want one for NA.. I hate physical exclusives.
  2. I've done this on both PS3 and PS4 and both versions only took me about an hour or two, each. This is the same exact list so another quick completion incoming.
  3. first two*, the first one just doesn't have any manuals. lol
  4. Hey everyone, I was just wondering does anyone know if the original Mirror's Edge is included with the Xbox One version of Catalyst? Sort of like how Rainbow Six Vegas 1&2 came with Siege and how Dark Souls 1 came with Dark Souls 3.
  5. Ah alright, I got all the uPlay rewards for the game, so.
  6. No problem, glad to help. Also, I believe from the beta we got a few of the consumables like water, canned food and such..also had quite a bit electronic parts, but that may have been from UPlay, not sure..
  7. In case anyone was wondering: [ame] [/ame]
  8. Thanks for the guide! I just found this little gem on my Windows Phone randomly and just started playing. I'm loving it.
  9. Why buy the game over and over to keep selling it? Do you not have a Gamestop around you or a store where you can buy preowned and return within a week for a full refund?
  10. The wait time for drafts is actually 20 minutes, not 15. So lame how they did that. Also, the Legacy achievements are weird, I simmed for 10 years, yet only got the first Legacy cheevo... Don't know what was up with that.
  11. Great looking guide, just one thing, under your description for Full Roster, you say there are "2 daily challenges (3 for season pass owners)", it's actually 3 daily challenges with 5 for season pass owners.
  12. Okay? "Piss long" doesn't mean hard. Time consuming doesn't equal difficult. The list is easy, just time consuming, that's it.
  13. Have fun waiting, I've been waiting for 4 years despite them even saying after the last Skate 3 DLC that they were done with the franchise.
  14. Blood Dragon was a standalone game that didn't require Far Cry 3 to be played.
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