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  1. Just do a quick race and chose Maranello, most times you will face a P330 there. I just got the achievement 10 minutes ago with this method.
  2. The same happens to me, but I will just start another game. It doesn't last long until you have the equipment to do this achievement, and you don't have to search for some forgotten enemies.
  3. I will update the list next week when I am back at office. Wrote a little script that generates the list which is only accessible on my computer in the office.
  4. Would anyone like to boost 5 custom speed lists to unlock the DLC cars? Please message me: HTP ProXy
  5. I smashed all the security gates and got the achievement. Today I downloaded the addon and now my profile says that I only found 133/135 gates. I am not sure if there were 135/135 before the addon, but this seems to be buggy..
  6. Is anyone up to boost for the modfather achievement right now? GT is: HTP ProXy
  7. I am looking for someone who would like to to the online coop challenges. Feel free to send me a friend request: HTP ProXy
  8. I just added a vinyl group to my shop, description is 360a.org f0r 1k Credits. Bought the other new vinyls with this description. Thanks.
  9. Maybe we should just change the description to a more common expression to get more views.. "facebook", "porn", "anonymous", "download" )
  10. I gave up with the challenges a year ago because I just can't get the hang on it. Was my first game where I couldn't get 1000gs and I didn't even try to complete my following games. Now I am back and trying to get some of the remaining achievements and as soon as I managed to complete the newer games I will get back to this one. Hopefully I can complete it this time.
  11. Still a looooong way to go, maybe we should ask our clubs to vote for every picture with the right tag. I will update the list tomorrow
  12. Why should you be banned for this? It's legal, you just don't drive as fast as you can but relax while racing.
  13. Hi ChemicalRider, welcome and thanks for voting. Just refreshed the list and will vote you when I boot up my box later today.
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