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  1. No you have to buy the bundle to have access to the event which has rewards.
  2. The freezing issues have been there since launch. Made worse by the patch before the newest one. They act like they it doesn't exist.
  3. Check out the grenade slot homie. They take the place of the grenades.
  4. This has been a problem since launch, but made worse with the last update. Joining off of friends list or party invites will guarantee a soft lock. Always freezes first game for like 4 or 5 times in row. They said they didn't experience any these issues, bullshit my group I roll with it happens to us all the time. Visceral is such a garbage developer.
  5. Ya the last update made the freezing issue worse when you would join off of an invite or friends list. Their response "uhhh we didn't see any of this during our testing duuurrr" its been a problem since launch, no other game does this.
  6. Well those are the 4 things to unlock it. I did it during the first month of the game and it was fine. Ever since the last major update people have been complaining on the battlelog forums about the same issue. Pretty sure the last update fucked the syndicate assignments up.
  7. You need 200 kills with the shotgun or battle rifle and reach reputation 4 10 different times. Just turn the 100% reputation boost on and drive around on hotwire for 10 matches, its so easy now since they reduced it. http://battlefield.wikia.com/wiki/Battlefield_Hardline_Assignments/Syndicate
  8. Need people for daytime boosting 10000 kills. I have my own server looking for a couple dedicated boosters to knock these out. Gt is Jack Bauer117
  9. Lol you got what you deserved. Stop acting like a punk on live and this would never have happened. Go cry somewhere else.
  10. Ok so where you got you must of cheated too.
  11. Lol are you serious? The campaign was super easy on the highest difficulty.
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