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  1. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  2. Does the lag only occur when sending messages to friends or any time the virtual keyboard comes on screen? Like searching the xbox live store or typing in a gamertag to send a friend request.
  3. I have never experienced this on Xbone in the 7 months it's been out. I'm more inclined to believe you guys are in the minority. I could be wrong and maybe I am the one in the minority. Xbone and PS4 have just become more like PC in another way. I feel your pain but if 40 mins up front means shorter load screens over the life of your time playing said game makes up for it in my opinion. Now, if only there was a game out on the XBONE that has successfully made shorter load times.... *looks at Ryse, Ghosts, Thief*
  4. Oh yeeeah, that game goes crazy with those auto DVR recordings. Is there a place in the game's menu to actually turn that off?
  5. Woooow, that is amazing. I love it. If that is a problem with the app then that is hilarious.
  6. Pro tip. You can disable Kinect in the Settings on your xbone.
  7. And they are still there? That is madness!! I can totally understand how that would be frustrating. Also, stray thought, why isn't there a Kinect gesture like on windows 8 tablets to pull up all your apps in list form. Just grasp and slide up on the Home screen.
  8. Thank you Otaking live for pointing out where he lives. I totally didn't notice that earlier. Ireland is not on the list of supported locations for global speech recognition. So for sure your accent could be the problem. Or if you have the xbone set to english/ ireland the box could just be disabling the voice commands. Not sure. Here are the MS links from their support pages. The top is for Xbox one and the bottom is for 360. http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/kinect/voice-commands http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-360/kinect/speech-recognition#8af07cee5c2547988636e61634e859ad
  9. Team Sera Biathlon (Halo 3) Time Zone- PST [GMT-8]
  10. http://cdn.chud.com/b/bb/900x900px-LL-bbbb6622_InigoMontoya-ThatWord-WhatYouThinkItMeans.jpeg
  11. I'm in for gears, halos, toy soldiers, RDR (haven't started it) I didn't really like shoot many robots. Haven't started dead island but not ruling out ever playing it. Oh, and obviously any tf2.
  12. Yeah I still don't see it... The eyes look fine to me My body is ready.
  13. I mean look at my profile picture, does that look like the face of some kind of egomaniac or something?

  14. Good to know

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