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  1. I'm having fun but those gold trophies are going to be hard to get. Can't stand the Ringmaster challenges but the arcade races are fun to play. The Gauntlet challenges were fun to complete for gold trophies, gives time trails a twist with those explosive barrels. Haven't tried the Tournament challenges yet.
  2. CJ's belly has a hole(Maybe he's too buff since I had him fill up his muscle bar?) during cutscenes. This also includes his left shoulder having a triangle once in a while, but it is more apparent when he's on the bike and pedaling faster.(Buff glitch too?) Slow loading in buildings. And his upper body mesh going through his lower body mesh. In other words, it seems to "open" around his waist on specific clothing.(Mainly tank top and blue jeans, the clothes that you start with.) I solved it by having CJ having a Ball Short from the Sport Clothes Store and Black Tank top. Haven't seen the invisible part on his body anymore. I guess that's it. But having the lock option on makes it change target automatically, WAY too frequent! Like it doesn't help when a police is in front of you and CJ targets one WAY behind the cop then target to the one in front and to the one back until one is dead. Very annoying. So that's it for me. But I'm still going to keep playing it.
  3. Too bad you can't create bodybuilders like in Saints Row. Saints Row 3, yeah, but they were too 'aesthetic.'
  4. Just wished they still kept the DLCs on the store. And more people playing it instead of boosting, but that's not going to happen. Still a good game even if I just played it last year for the first time.
  5. I played this on the original xbox just last year! I actually agree with everything the OP just typed! I wish I could play Silent Hill 3 though.
  6. I've played all the games. (Dead Rising sale, I guess you already got at least one of the games during the sale.) And pretty much it is worth getting both DR2 and Off The Record. The story is pretty much the same, but the experience is different from both.
  7. This is a lot of things that you can do during the 14 hours! But this is a lot of suggestions.
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