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  1. 2007 I bought an xbox 360 because my wife was away most of that year for her studies and so began my real love affair. I'm divorced.
  2. This is embarrassing but I only just figured out how to filter the servers, and there's one dedicated to the DLC on XBONE.
  3. Haven't found one game yet since purchasing the DLC. Anyone having the same issue?
  4. I can confirm this is really doable with one person who has two xboxes (long story) and two copies of the game. Choose a strong team like Mclaren or Red Bull, and keep the other two teams at bay race by race. Since your "boosting partner" is an idle team mate, it'll be disqualified before the end of the first lap which means you'll only score 25 points for the win. The key to getting all three co-op achievements in one season is making sure you block your closest rivals in the standings at the start of the race so they lose positions, but just enough that you get a warning and don't get disqualified yourself. Also make sure the AI is set to the the easiest difficulty when you start the season, that way you'll make up the positions again without too much trouble and take the win. You need to try make sure that your main rival never scores more than 25 with both cars. Most importantly, don't crash into anyone, you'll often end up 2nd best AND have a 10 sec penalty for every incident... Rather use the blocking tactic, but at a slow speed and not too long as not to be disqualified. Hope that helps any peeps like me who couldn't be bothered with the admin of a live co-op partner.
  5. The guide mentions have 10 AI in your 19 race custom GP... but where's the option? I can only see me and boosting partner in the races.
  6. I'm over the "live the life" thing, it's very lame. Simulating TV feed would be a bit more fun.
  7. Yeah, me too, also the lobby takes a lot longer.
  8. Korea, turn 1 is always a mess, especially on mp.
  9. Just wanted to vent, how come the PS3 version supports 3D and not the xbox. Surely the dev could've added this via update if they hadn't been shuttered.
  10. I had the same problem this morning. Damn. Can anyone shed some light?
  11. Cool, got it. The icon wasn't displaying. I eventually tracked down the house, and once I did the first mission, the icon unlocked. Yet another glitch!
  12. I'm at 94% in, completed all missions, and I can't see the second set of Mowing jobs that are supposed to appear on the map. I've kept an eye out at all times, nada. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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