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  1. ive been playing this since 2007 and every year after that but 2018 is the worst 1 out yet. game freezes, wrong tatoos, some entrances are messed up, 2 min submissions before a break, and more. i could go on but if they dont fix the game soon expect no one to buy it next year. How do u get worse after 10 years i mean 2007 version is better than this one
  2. im also up for playing and any of the other gears too
  3. The game will now take 10x longer to finish. it is now pointless to buy rubies if u thought about doing it before. they down graded the perks u have from hero souls and relics. Monsters now have alot morre life. IF U already downloaded game before DO NOT UPDATE as iit will ruin thee game and take 10x longer to finish. 👎👎👎😠
  4. I think i have a better chance at winning the lottery than this game. GT: SLO JORDAN
  5. i hope i get i hope i get how many people. GT. SLO JORDAN
  6. will i ever win any contest i enter. GT: SLO JORDAN
  7. i have never won anything in any contest but as john cena says never give up. GT: Slo Jordan
  8. you guys sure seem to whine alot. 1 your probably not a good happy wars player 2 its a game preview which is still in development 3 it hasnt even been officially released yet but they are letting u play it early 4. they are still adding levels 5 if we had it your way people would be finished playing the game in a month or less 6. the exp starts going up slower after a certain level for a bunch of different reasons because the will be adding more levels, they want u to play the game for longer than a month, they want you to buy happy jewels at some point to get better equipment so they can make some money off the game. 7. every game has at least 1 hard achievement and 1 grinding 1 so quit your whining
  9. u cant use a caw! u have to use a ufc fighter against a ufc fighter. I used rampage jackson against houston alexander. hold left bumper & hit X. make sure to run in on him so u dont waist time. it should take 5-6 hits
  10. hit up slojordan if u need the online achievements. i need them too
  11. looking to get 80 rated team achievement if u can trade me 2 good cards 95 or above i will give u the rest of my cards so you can get the achievement if u havent done so already
  12. they made this game the official 2k way & now it [email protected] worst wwe game to date. ive been playing since 2007.not allowed to jump off ladder & do a move really
  13. Looking to boost or play need king of the world achievement
  14. if u want this game to come to xbox 360 please comment below
  15. hit up slojordan if u want to play
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