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  1. guys I need the Free Online Free Roam acheivement. I do not have any addition DLC, would like to finish off with the full 1000!
  2. I also need 10 Ranked Wins, Anyone wants to help me out, will return the favor !
  3. I need to complete the full Campaign in COOP. Lets do it before everyone moves on to NEXT GEN
  4. I need to complete the Campain Coop/ Insane. Please add me I am free this week.
  5. Yes it runs well. The multiplayer / COOP is pretty shitty though.
  6. I also need to do the free roam challenges.
  7. I am also looking for this, please add me.
  8. Hey guys, I need all Acts in Coop and INSANITY. Can you add me, its Canada Day here and I would like to get it done asap.
  9. I just got the game. Please add me so we can finish the Online Stuff asap.
  10. Anyone seriously want to do the online stuff, I am free Thursday and Friday. Please let me know asap. Just add me as a friend.
  11. Guys I hope you know, if you download the Costumes off Xbox Live market place you can use anyone you like without FINISHING again you do not have to finish the game. All you do is use this code: Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down. This is done after choosing your save file that has a percentage on it.
  12. btw if anyone wants to play just message me. My game is still sealed.
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