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  1. she unlocked after chapter 4 for me a few fights after she was supposed to ...its been doing the same for others as well ....so hopefully she unlocks for u
  2. Gamertag : Crazysnowman81 Game choice : Dishonored: Death of the Outsider thanks as always ! good luck everyone !
  3. on twitter seen a few say they unlocked it on the xbox
  4. do we know what kills are needed ? i see some ppl on xbox are saying they unlocked it but no one says what are the kill or kills that unlocked it ...im stuck at 96%
  5. all they keep saying is its coming soon theres no release date on it as of yet...they say they are waiting on microsoft to approve the patch...
  6. very true but at the same time they are a smaller company trying to give fans a game thats been asked for for many many years ...glad to see that they acknowledge the issues they had/are having and are trying to make it up to us :-)
  7. double XP weekend 6-22-2017 thru 6-25-2017
  8. so a update is coming out tomorrow :-) 2 sets of clothes for each counselor 13,000 cp to spend and a retro NES Jason akin ...
  9. i was playing last night and called 2 people out on cheating ... they tried to say they were just that GOOD at the game and i just sucked lol ...ok sure but explain to me how with in 30 secs jason finds me in a cabin alone when i was hiding under a bed because i had to let my dog out ... then right after he killed me he morphs to the *bathroom* area where theres the other 4 players are atm way across the map ...not just one time but 4 matches in a row !!
  10. if u are in GAME chat then if u find a walkie talkie and someone else does then you can chat anywhere on the map other wise you have to be close to another player o communicate with them ..also when jason is close to you you can talk to him as well ...but for the cheaters they go to a party chat with jason
  11. GT: crazysnowman81 Game: the surge thanks for the chance ...you all are awesome keep up the great work on the site
  12. i just added /sent a message to all in this forum that is above me im up for helping boost ...trying to get the 2 for killing all 7 and killing all 7 and tommy i have some others that can help us as well send me a message crazysnowman81
  13. yes u can do private matches ...its fun in public and private if u can get a few people :-)
  14. hey if anyone is up to boosting some achievements add me crazysnowman81 is my GT i can get a few others to join us if we set up a time (prob have 6 including myself) just add me and send me a message
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