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  1. Please invite me. I want to play my 360 arcade games. Gamertag is KILLER JT. Thanks
  2. I am going to work on some of the single player game first, but in a couple of weeks I will play some online. This is a long game and I do not have a lot of free time with turkey day and working retail.
  3. What is the best way to earn credits fast? I am making only like 5,000 a race. Is there a race that gives out more? Any tips would help.
  4. I like the ideal. One of the things that I liked about achievements was that it incurageed me to do things I would normally not do and this increased the playability and enjoyment of a game. I like to be rerowded for doing things. I like not having points for thees as most of them will just take pushing a couple of buttons and leaving the system on to obtain.
  5. hey sorry to bother u but i saw you wrote the guide for feedimng frenzy and wondered if you could help me. I got screwed over with the food bank cheevo (eat 40000 fish). Is there away i can delete my save and start again as i currently have 40334 in my food bank and no achievement? Cheers.

  6. how do you post achievment guides

  7. I have five bucks from GameFly and was going to purchase a game, but need to know which is the easiest to get achievements on. The choices are: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames SoulCalibur IV Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Smash Court Tennis 3
  8. Do not forget to visit our city each day. You get one click a day.
  9. My friend is starting a website and we named the band after that. The band name is Hiztoria.
  10. When we have a population of 300 we unlock security.
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