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  1. I had to turn Brave off earlier because I couldn't beat the boar! Tried around a dozen times before I called it a day. Just finished Rememoried. Man, that was difficult for me to stay the duration. It took me three days to complete the 20 minute game. Without a guide I would have had no idea what to do at all.
  2. I've bought plenty of crap in the past for GSL or SvS so have all bar one of the letters covered. I'm going to have to buy a game for 'V' as I've only got Volgarr (and I already have 600:gsicon: in the game). Started to play Rememoried. Turned it off after five minutes. I'll go back to it some other time. EDIT: I tell a lie. Apparently I have a couple of the Viva Piñata games:think:
  3. Ok. I better get scouring the site for other site inaccuracies so they can be rectified before the next tournament. I'm having a hard time choosing which terrible game to play first. Not sure whether to kick off with X-Men Origins Wolverine or Brave: The Video Game.
  4. Sorry to labour this point but is there an opportunity to request a definitive response to Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth in relation to the correct title? I know in other tournaments challenges have been made or confirmation sought from staff where XBA differed with Microsoft and it usually fell in line with Microsoft. This could then be clarified during the competition. Asking for a friend who has Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth but hasn't started it yet:whistle:.
  5. After much deliberation and promising myself not to enter any tournaments this year........ Withdrew GT: Menion Leah Forum Name: Menion Leah
  6. I've wasted so much money on the Game Pass. I had it from launch up until January 2018 and only played 2 games (well, 1.5 really as one of the games was Comix Zone and I still need to finish it). A week or two after I stopped the Game Pass, I was one of those who had the offer to buy it for 60% off so I bought a couple of years worth. Still haven't played anything else though:think:. I'm the same with EA Access. I've had it since launch and played virtually nothing. I'll definitely play the hell out of State of Decay 2 when it releases on Game Pass. I'll probably give Sea of Thieves a miss as it doesn't appeal to me/looks so boring and I won't be playing Crackdown 3 when that releases (I really struggled to enjoy the first Crackdown, disliked it so much didn't touch the second one).
  7. It probably has on the Xbox One. It is a niche game anyway, so won't appeal to the masses. From what I understand it has sold a little under 500k copies on Steam and has very high ratings (even Metacritic has an average of 85% which is very good). The Steam price is the same as Xbox One and it doesn't appear to have had any/many sales so I'm guessing the devs thought it was a good price and have had reasonable sales for the game type. I've just checked the disc version and that is £19.99 new in the UK, so the same as the store sale price.
  8. Yeah, it is the price that has been putting me off. I'm just about to have £28 deposited in my account from Xbox and Microsoft rewards, so will probably be using that anyway.
  9. Square Enix has recently been advertising for 'core staff' to work on the FF VII remake. Concerning thing is they only refer to a PS4 version in the advert. http://www.siliconera.com/2018/03/11/final-fantasy-vii-remakes-progress-shared-new-recruitment-core-members/
  10. I think I'll be picking up Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. I've had my eye on it for a while and have heard very good things.
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